• Yes please,

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  • School day is too long

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  • Half days give you more time to do stuff

    Half days are good. Half days give you more time to spend time with family/friends, play outside, etc. If you don't have physical activity and exercise, then you will become sluggish, slow, and fat. Plus, it means less school, which not only means happier students, but happier teachers and parents as well.

  • Because it makes kids able to have down time

    Once i came home when i was 8 and i had to go to all sorts of places by the time i got home i had to go to sleep the next day i was so tired i missed the bus if it was a half day i could have relaxed and i would not have missed the bus

  • Yes they should

    They should because it would not hurt them to hyive us more hours of our life's back and then we will have more time to get homework in on the time set and we will have more time with family and friends and finish school at 12 oclock on Friday

  • Kids brains can get a rest for school the next day

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  • Yes and yes

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  • Yes there should

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  • Half Days are Bad

    At School, you can learn important stuff, unlike NetFlix and social media. You need to have a social life, and not an online social life. Plus, in most schools, a half day adds a half of a day at school to the end of the year, and you could end up with more tha 180 days at school!

  • It Depends On The Locality

    School policy is not something that can be legislated across the country. Some counties and school districts have different needs than others. More half days might make sense in a rural community, but it would be a bad idea in urban centers. This is why school boards exist and are open to the public.

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