• My philosophy here

    In all honesty this beats school food. I said it. It beats school food, but it definitely beats fast food. Granted, it's not healthy, but junk food is still better than fast food, which is revolting. This should be there for those hungry kids who need a little snack to get them through the middle of the day! :) Cheers.

  • There has to be snacks

    The reason why because we need snacks in school all because people always need to eat food and drink beverages. It is so unfair just because eating helps me and others focus and consentrate to the teacher or the lesson. It is good to eat food because you get hungry

  • Yes they should

    Having options to be able to purchase food and soda from a vending machine will help kids make better food choices on their own. If they can make better food choices on their own, they won't be so tempted by vending machines in the real world. They will then know to buy healthier food at vending machines.

  • Yes they should

    If schools have snack machines in schools they will have a good breakfast if they miss breakfast they have money to get something for 50 cents or more.Also if they buy a snack they have something to drink instead of milk or water. If they want soda they can get a soda,if not you can have nothing,but if they want milk or water they can get that beverage only if wanted.

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  • I think its a good snack or treat for after your main meal

    You may think it's killing you and making you fat. But really not a lot of people don't eat the snacks all the time they barely have it. Its a good treat once in awhile or couple times, because i know that i don't eat junk food or soda a lot.

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  • All students are overweight or obese

    Yes, I believe that schools should still have their snack and soda machines available. Some student are hungry between classes and need something to tide them over until they go home. All students are on overweight or obese and should be treated as such. Granted some of the items in the snack and soda machines could be altered to be healthier such as pretzels and baked chips and water and juice.

  • Yes they should.

    Schools should have snack and soda machines. It is not right to take away snack and soda machines from the kids who are healthy. It is not fair to them that they would have to suffer just because there are other kids in the school who are obese and have weight issues.

  • Remove soda and snack machines

    I think we should remove soda and snack machines from our schools or at the very least substitute with healthy food and drinks. Children do not have the will power to avoid these machines, they get mesmerized by the cool labels and sugary taste of the drinks. Plus as adults it is our responsibility to monitor what they eat.

  • Schools should not have snack and soda machines.

    Schools should not have snack and soda machines. Parents usually do not want their kids eating junk food especially in school. They send their children to school to get a good education and a nutritious meal at lunchtime. If we allow our schools to be feeding them snacks and soda then they will not eat the good food for them.

  • Schools should not have snack and soda machines.

    Schools should not have snack and soda machines because they carry junk food which is had for kids' health. Kids should have only healthy foods in their schools. It is important for kids to have a healthy lifestyle when they are young so that they can learn to lead healthy lives in the future.

  • Obesity and Unhealthiness

    Obesity occurred all across America (and the world) from having too much sugar. Sugar is in roughly every food there is. Some examples of food children consume too often are ice cream, soda, candy, and cookies. Children can also get obese from not exercising enough. Students (especially teens) get to addicted to their electronic devises and could get obese from that.

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