• How would we stay fit?

    Schools need sports. That is something I refuse to change my opinion on. Sports is what got me through High School. It gave me a reason to pass my classes. In my head I thought; If I don't pass, I don't run. Now it's getting me through college. Sports made me, take it away and less people will graduate because less people will find a reason to even go. Basketball players will think that they don't need school because it won't help them play in the NBA, or Football players will stay at home so they can get to the NFL. I would have stayed and ran track so that I could one day reach my dreams of the Olympics. Education sucks already, wanna make it worse?

  • Schools Should Have Sports

    Yes, schools should have sports as sports teach many important life lessons. Sports teach physical fitness as well as mental fitness. Sports also teach teamwork, which is a skill that proves to be invaluable in all walks of life. Without sports, schools would be missing out on an important teaching tool.

  • Yes, they should.

    All schools should have sports, it is a healthy past time that creates a stress relief for students while also giving them a great means of exercise. Overall there is nothing bad about having sports in school. It even helps motivate higher grades because they need to maintain a certain grade average to remain on the team.

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