• What's wrong with these people?

    I used to never read all the time but I set up a goal to read as many books I can to prepare for middle school. It helps my brain gets better and the teachers also gave us a summer math assignment to do. I mean not our final teachers in elementary school, our future middle school teachers that we're going to have in September.

  • Yes, but they should have a choice of books.

    I've always enjoyed reading over the summer and I'm not saying all kids do but it keeps them from falling behind and raises their level. During the summer kids have more time to read bigger books and if they have questions as well it raises their comprehension and vocabulary. Not to mention they have all summer which gives them plenty of time to think about what they read so they're not rushed. But I don't think kids should have to read a designated book. It just makes them think of it as work and dread doing it, especially if it's not in their interests. Not to mention kids should get to choose books on their level so as not to find it too hard or too easy and not a challenge at all. Reading a little over the summer wont kill anyone if anything it'll just prepare them. Yes I understand it's a vacation but how does reading ruin it. If anything reading whatever they like over the summer with plenty of time could actually increase kids interest in reading so that they do it themselves without needed to be told. Reading all in all increases a child's chances for success.

  • Reading is not only easy but it is FUN.

    I loved summer reading and I constantly read all the time. There is literally no reason students should not read over the summer. A good brain needs books like a sword needs a whetstone, and it keeps students sharp while they are not at school. There is no stress in reading as long as it is a decent book.

  • Yes, they should.

    Summer should be a break and a chance to actually have fun and be a kid. But, on the other hand, the mind should not be left idle, either. Large lists should be provided to allow the individual to pick or choose a few things to read and assess on their own. Mind you, I do not mean write long book reports or anything silly. Just a simple assessment with notable quotes that might have stood out and why. 500 words or so. And the selection should be interesting and a mix of classic, fiction, non-fiction and even science fiction or fantasy!

  • Yes, schools should have summer reading.

    Summer reading should be promoted in all schools. The honor classes are designed to have summer reading, four novels, that must be read before they start for the next year. I think this should be true for all grades. Reading is fundamental, and there are too many people in our society unable to read or write. During the summer, kids get lazy and forget much of the things they learned the year before. There should be a point system and have so many books read during the summer. Perhaps every Tuesday and Thursday. At the beginning of the year there should be a class prize per grade, first, second, and third place. This would give incentive for students to read.

  • If the brain is not used it will not improve

    Kids in the US go a long time without attending school in the summer time. If they are not doing anything to further develop their brains and learning skills they will lose many of the skills they have worked hard to gain. Thus spending a good portion of the new school year retraining their brains!

  • Reading stimulates the brain

    Not only have studies shown that an active mind during all times of the year help to improve overall intelligence but it give a topic to start the year. If students read a set of books over the summer then teachers can start to teach right away. When a student has half a year to fit a lot of curriculum then they need all the time they can get. Wasting time by having to read books after school starts is pointless. Students will also come into school with an academic mindset. While some students do not enjoy reading it will greatly benefit them in the long run.

  • Reading uses parts of the brain normal life does not

    When reading you escape to a parallel universe. It is like watching a movie in your head. Reading is an escape from reality and can relieve pressure wether or not it is mandatory or not and making it mandatory will force kids to read and some will soon realize the enjoy reading reading keeps the brain in check and gives you a view on life that one does not normally see because you realize that life could be much worse

  • It will help us be better students!

    When students read books it helps spark are imagination. If we have more imagination we can write better story's. Summer break is long and reading will help us keep some information from the previous year. Kids should read during summer but it should also be optional.The teachers should do a test on them to see what books kids like so they willbe intrested with the book the teacher gave them .

  • Don't forget your lessons!

    Summer reading can be very boring and stressful, but it's important. Kids can become lazy and forget the lessons the learned in class. Their grades can drop dramatically! I honestly don't like summer reading either, but it has helped me not forget my lessons! Also, summer reading can make good readers. Without summer reading, students that don't like reading wouldn't read on their own. It's up to summer reading to push them along.

  • Summer reading ruins our relaxation.

    Summer break is a time for students to unwind and take a break from the stressful world of constant homework, tests and drama. When students have summer reading, this is taken away. Given, it's still not as stressful as school itself, however, it is enough to keep students awake at night and to keep them from getting their brains ready for another year of Hell. As a high school student, I have to read a book and answer questions on it just to get into the class, that is not fair, how can i be ready for the class if my brain is still spinning from having to comprehend The Lord of the Flies?

  • Summer reading shown to not improve vocabulary according to new harvard study? Clickbait title?

    Seriously though, I learned a lot of useful vocabulary that I notice are used in everyday conversations and media to the point where this new vocab seems common to me. Do you know where i learned these new words? Not books. But movies, English class with no reading, video games, and sites online (YouTube). You don't have to read a 400 page book to find out what exacerbate, truncate, or pragmatic and such means. Just saying

  • Summer reading shown to not improve vocabulary according to new harvard study? Clickbait title?

    Seriously though, I learned a lot of useful vocabulary that I notice are used in everyday conversations and media to the point where this new vocab seems common to me. Do you know where i learned these new words? Not books. But movies, English class with no reading, video games, and sites online (YouTube). You don't have to read a 400 page book to find out what exacerbate, truncate, or pragmatic and such means. Just saying

  • Schools should no give summer reading

    Ok so kids from 1st grade through college have summer reading I honestly don't think we should . I am a 7th grader and I have to read to whole books that in total equal 600 pages and on each page I have to write notes and then we get graded on our notes and we have a test . I rather be spending time in Ireland where my uncles Aunts cuisines granny and grandad than saying well you can't hang out with her because she has summer reading . Spending time with your family is way more important than reading . It like you can never get away from school ,isnt that what summer is for ? But when teachers and the staff ask for this much from children it is a bit to much.

  • Just not fair

    Summer reading is not fair to the students who work really hard and need a break. Over the summer it is supposed to be a break not time for more work. The students get stressed out between family, sports, work, getting ready for the next school year and now you throw reading over the summer into the mix. Just not right.

  • No!!!! Not at all.

    Summer vacation is the time for you to have a break, and with summer reading, there will be more problems. Anyway why do we have to read during the summer when summer is the time to relax and go on a vacation. I don't promote summer reading for both private and public schools.

  • Freedom is Fleeting

    What is summer for, but to be separate from the mundane and often unneeded institution of education? Students and alumni have no choice but to read what they wouldn't usually is a confined time limit, not only creating large amounts of stress, but also a hatred for school and the people forcing them to prove they aren't pathetic. I, for one, have had to verbally explain a word choice to a teacher and tell a staff member I did not cheat when I wrote my essay. Every teacher I've had has always been biased as English is a biased subject in its entirety.

  • It does not improve anyone in anyway. It also doesn't allow a student to have the break of being a kid.

    I think we can all agree a persons childhood is precious and should not be wasted. I think it is not fair that our children work all year and then get this supposed "break" to only be forced to read and write reports. Also do not tell me that they will not read otherwise because simple everyday tasks require reading anyhow and if you really want to teach your kid responsibility or just not want them to sleep in like I've heard some parents say just have them help you around the house a bit and I know this qualifies as work too but it's a type of work that actually prepares a child for owning a home in the future and they should be doing it anyways

  • Yes for elementary, no for secondary.

    Summer reading is a good idea for students in elementary school. But once middle school hits, a child is most likely not going to forget how to read over the summer. What's even worse is some high schools increase the amount of books to be read over the summer, which is completely pointless. A high school student is NOT going to forget how to read over the summer. If anything, they are definitely going to forget math over the summer, make them do a small math worksheet instead. After all, summer vacation is called "vacation" for a reason.

  • No, summer reading should not be given to students of any grade. It's unnecessary and benefits no one.

    Because students should be working on actual work not just reading and staying completely in the lines. Give a packet or something of actual work and not have every student read the same books and do the same projects. Summer reading should be abolished in all schools. Summer should be a time of relief not reading and projects. Maybe a little work here and there. As I said before giving students packets of math science etc over the summer will keep them well rounded in every subject. Summer reading teaches and enforces NOTHING; also summer reading stresses kids out and they become frustrated and become tired of reading books forced to them instead of something they like. Overall summer reading is probably the worst thing that schools can give students.

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