• Tacos please dude!!!!

    Would someone please tell me what is so sinful about tacos?? Honestly, schools should serve them but with SALAD as well as beef, and on wraps. AT LEAST IT'S HEALTHY,PEOPLE!!
    I mean, if they made them healthy, it should be okay. And if it doesn't meet healthy "guidelines", they should just have one "taco day" a week.
    Just sayin'.

  • What is wrong with you people!!?

    The statement that tacos are sinful, is incorrect, and is commonly regarded as an object of evil. This is untrue, because it's not as if they are causing us entities any harm. The taco shall live on, regardless of the prejudice and hatred surrounding it.
    You just insulted Mexican food.

  • No, schools should serve healthy foods.

    The underlying presupposition of the question is that healthy food can not taste good, but that is not true. There is unhealthy, fatty or sweet, food served because that is what children think tastes good. It may also seem cheaper. However, whole foods that are flavorfully prepared will have childen eating and will be affordable in the long run.

  • Nope They are Sinful

    Because tacos are a manifestation of all that is evil and full of sin and should be burned at the stake, PRAY FOR THE SAVIOR TO BANISH THE DELICIOUS APPETIZER TO THE DEPTHS OF THE UNDERWORLD. Oops did I say delicious? Crap. Well quite frankly tacos should not exist. DIE TACOS!

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