• Bullying; Schools Should Have Uniforms!

    If all children dressed nearly the exact same at school, then bullies would have very little to make fun of. Bullies commonly make fun of other kids cloths, but if you were dressed the same way as the bully, then the bully would only be making fun of themselves as well as the other kid. Therefore, if schools had uniforms, the amount of bullying would decrease.

  • Because it saves our parents from spending money.

    It allows us to be confident in our own style and fill comfortable knowing that we are wearing our own clothes and the school does not have to worry about us wearing house clothes because they can put up a sign at the front gate of what they expect you to wear. Even if we go on a trip and we get lost we have a mouth that we can speak with or even a wrist band that only the school staff members know how to take off. That is my reason for why school should not have uniforms.

  • Because we get tired of dressing in the same clothes over and over.

    If we dress in our own clothes it will give us confidence in our self. We also can fill comfortable in our own clothes all the school has to do is put up a sign that says what they do not want children to wear to school. That is why I think we should be able to wear our own clothes it gives us self confidence.

  • Of course not!

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