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  • Definitely not.

    I feel like pupils should be able to wear their own clothes. This is because they can be at their most comfortable and wear clothes that can be specific to things like skin conditions. It allows freedom and students don’t have to worry about losing uniform and getting into trouble. It helps give a state of identity to someone instead of being in a matching set. Wouldn’t you rather be your own person than have to look just like everyone else? In a majority of surveys, Students would rather wear their own clothes. Freedom of clothing would also allow students to express their religion. School uniforms tend to be expensive, And people won’t be able to compliment each other due to the all around blandness. Teachers can also wear whatever clothes they like but not students, It seems unfair. Uniforms also influence gender norms and contradicts society’s message about being who you want to be and being unique.

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Anonymous says2020-01-06T04:51:05.823
Tell me why they should wear uniforms

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