Should schools implement bully awareness programs?

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  • Yes I do believe that all schools should have bully awareness programs

    Because I think that it is important for kids to be able to express their feelings. If you think about it Iots of kids are being picked on for being different. All I am trying to say is that those kids that are Picked on because they are different doesn't mean they are. You should be able yo accept someone for who they are not what they are.

  • Bullying can kill

    Kids need to understand the power of words and that sticks and stones will break bones but words will scare and kill. Many people use that phrase (the original one) to act tough even when their hurt. Words can hurt even the strongest people, and bullying isn't only verbal its also physical. Kids will hit and torment others, often because they want others to feel their pain. Bullies are/were often bullied so don't be so quick to fight back remember that every one has feelings and some people are more stable then others you have no idea what they are capable of. So don't tell your children to go stop them. Tell them that they should alert the teacher. Bullying must be stopped.

  • Schools Should Implement Bully Awareness Programs

    Yes, schools should implement bully awareness programs as there are far too many bullies in the United States' schools. Bullies make children feel unsafe, and if a child feels unsafe, the learning enviroment of the school is compromised. Until our children feel safe from buillies, our schools will not live up to their potential.

  • Schools need to teach anti-bullying.

    Schools should not allow bullying of any sort. Part of that includes making children aware of what bullying behavior can look like. Some children are targets and do not even realize they have been bullied. It is important to educate both children and adults. It is even more important with so many lives ending becuase of this mistreatment.

  • Bullying will only lead to thing like not wanting to be alive anymore.

    Bullies only bully others because they don't have what you have. Bullies will also do things to make you blow. Bullying can prevent you from being yourself. I heard about a student who has been bullied so much, that she had commented suicide. Another student tried to comment suicide. But she thought about her friends and family. How would they feel about that. But thank god she is still alive. That was me. Place you hand on your heart, feel that. You were born for a reason, don't forget that.

  • In some cases bullying programs are making bulling even worst than it was before.

    They can try other ideas or at lest try to stop bulling them self and not leave it to some programs . You don't need to be having nightmares because of some kid in your school to school. And a lot of the tie bulls or only picking on kids because of some thing that is going on in their lives no it's not an reason to pick on others but some times they don't realize

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  • School should and could have a bullying awareness programs but they shouldn't be required to have them.

    It not the schools fault that there are bullies in they're school. Bullying doesn't always start at school, they usually start at home and/or somewhere else. To Solve the problem you have to find the root of it to make sure the problem is really solved. Sometimes because of the bullying awareness programs that more bullying start to come up.

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