• All in all, things should be changed.

    First of all, the policy is just listen to your teacher and walk out quickly and quietly. This isn't remotely similar to a real situation. Additionally, schools create pre-determined evacuation routes. Most evacuations routes make no sense. For instance, in my district, most schools have 3 exits in each wing, but only 2 exits are used. It blocks traffic. Also, I think that administration should change routes from time-to-time as an exit may be blocked during a real fire emergency.

  • Fire drills are complete BS

    Fire drills are very similar to the school shooting and earthquake drills. For example, when an armed lunatic who steals a gun from a gun store goes to a school looking for children, you should arm up and get off campus, instead of hiding behind a desk. When there is a fire, you don't all slowly walk together into the grassy track, as if the flames spread, you're going to burn easily, as grass is a fire fuel.

  • Pathetic Fire Drill Rules

    Fire drill rules: Don't scream, Don't run, Don't shove, Stay together, and listen to directions.

    Although it's true that if you scream it will be harder to listen for directions but it's normal for kids to scream. I wouldn't be standing quit and walk when theres a fire. You HAVE to run. Staying together may help when you're in trouble but fire can spread quickly from one object to another. So if there are 5 students together and all of them separate, and one gets burned it would only be 1 student that will get burned, but if all 5 stick together all five will burn and makes things works.

    We should better prepare our students for these cases and make them more "realistic" for such a scenario.

  • Schools should improve fire drills.

    First of all, it doesn't help prepare you for fires. If people scream and run, the teachers have to go over it with their class for the second time. That just wastes valuable class time. If there was a real fire, students would definitely be running and screaming.

    Second of all, students are unprepared. School workers usually aren't allowed to tell students because they want it to be a surprise and students that are scared will pretend to be sick. Why don't they just go on the intercom at least 5 minutes before.

    Third of all, they could be doing anything. A student could be taking a poo and the alarm might go off. They don't know if it's real or fake. If they leave and it is fake, then they poo their pants. If they leave and it's real or stay if it's fake they're alright. If they stay if it's real then they're in trouble.

    I hope you agree.

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