• Its nasty ew.

    School food is incredibly disgusting. In Sacramento, California there was an incident where hundreds of kids got sick because of some product in the food or maybe because the food wasn't properly cooked. In other words, I believe school food should be drastically improved because of the healthiness it lacks. WHATEVER THEYRE FEEDING US IS KILLING US

  • Yes of course duh

    Hey guess what, i bet you don't like green apples (that are SUPPOSED to be red), meals that are just trash, only being able to drink milk (that's like, almost rotten) unless you pay a frikin two dollars for a single pack of CapriSun, and paying more money for all of this junk!

  • They need to change

    School lunches suck because they are unhealthy and make people fat. Plus the lunches don't even make you full which makes you feel like crap when you still have half the day to get through. School lunches are made of disgusting ingredients that are made of some unimaginable things. Also their bagged food like chips are probably 6 years old.

  • We should be able to have better and healthier lunches

    Most schools get fake lunches and not very health lunches and it would be better to have greater and better lunches at school so we can feel good and pay attention in class and that means we will be better at physical stuff like running and so we should get healthy lunches.

  • Schools should improve their school lunches.

    Schools should change their school lunches by adding more nutritions on their food, because i have heard from my friends that they have gained 7 pounds cause of school lunches. The schools should not feed junk food to kids, because that that reason why a lot of them are gaining weight, they should feed mre healthy food.

  • School Lunches Are Horrible

    It is SO disgusting what schools feed kids these days. I help out in the cafeteria at my middle school for one of my classes, and it is just horrible. The food comes shipped from a foreign country, and there are so many ingredients that are practically impossible to pronounce. It is the worst quality food ever, and the same lunches are being served across America. They are only contributing to our health epidemic of obesity. YES, OBESITY IS AN EPIDEMIC. We need better school lunches, but the schools here in America don't want to spend some extra money to provide for our health. Schools always say safety first, but if they truly believed that, they would be more careful as to what they feed us.

  • They have gotten worse over the years

    School lunches have gotten worse, mainly because schools are now trying to make kids eat healthy. Many students now have brought lunches from home, because they feel their options are limited when buying school lunch. Instead of having a choice between regular and whole wheat, you have to eat whole wheat, which limits your choices and to many students doesn't taste that good.

  • I would make that the first thing on the agenda.

    I've been to school in Britain and New Zealand and both countries have absolute rubbish for school meals. You here everybody in education (it seems) saying a nice, nutritious and healthy meal is what you get at school but in lots of peoples mind that is absolute rubbish, because all you get is fat processed food that doesn't fill you up like deep fried string chips. We need meals that have fruit and vegetables and a proper meat product in them and all schools are focusing on is getting students in and out of the canteen, instead of actually feeding the kids.

  • I know no one who says they shouldn't.

    Schools are known for having horrible lunches. Everyone says so. If you are in high school, you can have a survey and see who says yes to this question. Most of the times, only private schools have good food because they actually COOK their food! At my school, most of the times, they get it imported from somewhere else. I bet if they actually picked the vegetables & fruit and cooked their own stuff, the meat wouldn't look like glops of crap, fish would actually smell NOT rancid, the apples wouldn't be so bruised up and the salad wouldn't be so limp.

  • School lunches are fine just the way they are.

    They have an even amount of portion sizes and provide a balanced meal with an even amount of carbohydrates, protien fruits, vegetables and dairy. Also, if we were to provide food from, say a local restaurant, that would cause the schools to spend way too much money and why should the schools spend money on food when their job is to focus on our learning and academics?

  • Should we improve lunches

    No we shouldnt becused it will cost to much to make good luches for evryone wich is like 500 kids at each school the will be more than 200 dollars so i think we should not do that becuse like 200 dollars evry day so i think no that is my oppinion

  • The are good

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