• If its in america it supports america

    Being patriotic isn't taught at school anymore, in fact lots of my classes are anti-american, which really bothers me because if you live in this countey you shouldn't teach about how bad it is. I mean, face it- america is the best countey. Sure, you can argue that some scandinavian countries are happier, but we have the strongest military, in times of disater in other countries the army is one of the first emergany aid helpers, we go out of our way to make other races and cultures welcome, we were one of the first countries to develope the internet (britan helped, btw I like british people), we have people aiding foreign countries, and (which I don't think we should be doing) we give Millions away for no reason to other countries that hate us, we have women's rights, racial rights, and yet people decide to keep hating on america. We save Britan and France during WWII, during D-Day america actually had more beaches to storm than the other countries combined. We developed the nuclear bomb (while some people say that as a bad thing it adds security to our country and more people in Japan were killed by normal bombs that Nuclear weapons). Unless you're a private school, you should be more patriotic and celebrate your country instead of wishing you were in Laos or somehting. America is a great country, and people should be proud to live in it instead of crying about how we can be so mean. God Bless America.

  • Schools should emphasise Patriotism

    Schools need to be more patriotic. This means teaching about other countries faults and why our form o government (used to) work more efficiently. We also need to teach kids the value o freedom and what sacrifices it takes to earn it. We also need to emphasize american history more (especially american revolution)

  • It wouldn't hurt

    When it comes to schools and young people, not to mention what our country has been through over all of the years, I do not think it would be bad thing if schools were to become a bit more patriotic. Not so much with the students, but the overall presence of the school.

  • Schools should be more patriotic.

    This trend of being apologetic and embarrassed over having dedication and pride in one's country is a sickness that must be corrected in America. The Left are clearly to blame for this. The government-run schools are absent when it comes to fostering patriotism in today's youth. Instead, they push ideas that are against the foundation and fabric of what has made America great. I would never, ever have my children set foot in a public school, and they would grow up to be an asset to their communities and country.

  • Decent is the highest form of patriotism

    No morning pledge (as that is deeply fascist thing to do). You can't force loyalty no matter how hard you try. You can't teach or force patriotism. That being said, The USA really needs a universal teaching. We do need to teach the next generations the "sins" of Americas past. As well as teach the good things we've done.

    Well not a main focus, We should have at least one mandated class in high school that focus on the daily life in other countries. That also includes on foreign language. We need to teach our kids how to be able to handle the struggles of adult life, Not some loyalty thing.

    I'd rather kids learn how we can keep improving our country as time moves on, As that would be the most patriotic thing we could do.

  • Patriotism is the key to ignorance

    Patriotism promotes ignorance, how is that? Well, patriotism gives Americans the idea that we are the only free country, although we aren't even in the top ten for most free countries. Patriotism also makes Americans think that nothing is wrong with this country, and makes the Americans think that all countries have it worse. Patriotism encourages the military that would be useless if we didn't budge into any other country's business

  • No they shouldn't

    Schools shouldn't be about patriotism. I think it would be better for America if they just accepted that their country is not perfect and not(in my opinion) the best country in the world. How will any students learn about anything outside their country if it's drummed into them that the rest of the world is filled with terrorists and communism. We all know how much America likes communism.

  • Diversity is a big deal here.

    The United States is a diverse country. While we have people from so many different backgrounds, I don't believe that soaking students into patriotism will do any good with their education. Patriotism is usually expressed with extreme self-righteousness and forgets about other cultures that are not big fans of eagles or George Washington. Education must focus on learning fundamentals and life skills, not on political views and manipulating a mind under development to believe that democracy is perfect and communism is terrible. Therefore, I believe that due to the increasing number of different background students, that the US should not force them to be patriotic by increasing patriorism in schools.

  • There's nothing wrong with loving your country,

    But I am weary of those who claim they want more 'patriotism' in the class room. The United States isn't perfect, no one expects us to be. When our curriculum expounds on the US' not-so-flattering history, it's not to inspire hatred towards the US, it's to ensure that we AS A PEOPLE do not repeat the same mistakes made in yesteryear. I suppose my answer to this poll would really depend on your definition of the word 'patriotism'. If by 'patriotism' you are referring to the unwavering support for the noble principles by which this country was founded upon (Life, Liberty, Happiness) then I would most certainly vote yes. However, the word 'patriotism' is often used by those with certain political agendas, unfortunately, and consequently I must vote no.

  • Schools Should be Globally-Minded, Not America-Centric

    There is nothing wrong with classes that recite the Pledge of Allegiance every morning when school starts. However, patriotism in schools should be a personal choice of the attendees and not a formal part of education. Students should learn about American history, government, politics and the like because that's the country in which we live. However, patriotism is like freedom of religion--students shouldn't have to endure lessons that teach America is the best nation in the world. Instead, educators should be more global in their thinking and encourage students to learn about other cultures and other countries.

  • No,schools do not need to be more patriotic.

    Schools do not need to be more patriotic.Schools need to be able to teach students critical and free thought.If they are constantly being forced to teach patriotism it is going to be hard to teach the critical thinking skills that students need to perform well and get through life smoothly.

  • Schools Should Focus On Education

    I do not believe schools in the USA should be more patriotic, I believe they should focus on education. Being patriotic is something that should be done with family values in mind, not the teachers and administrators. I believe it is important for people to teach patriotism to their children, along with explaining the dangers of government as well.

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