Should schools incorporate more technology into their classrooms?

  • Yes, They Should!

    I'm a student in Grade 4, and I can honestly say that they should. Technology is very important. Firstly, a student can get a very good job in the tech industry. Having more technology in school is good because it could get them interested in how the technology and machines work. Secondly, even if the student is not particularly interested in a technological job, it is still important for them to learn technological skills. Those skills can be carried out in many kinds of job. For instance, a writer can use a computer to write books. Finally, if the students (maybe older students so that younger kids don't encounter trouble online) have email accounts provided by the school, they could connect with people all over the world. In conclusion, I think that this is a good idea.

  • Yes it should!

    I am currently a student in Gr.2, and I believe technology is a great way to diversify and make learning interesting! And because our society is becoming more technology-dependent, it's important for students like me to be prepared in future careers. Not only that, technology makes research more efficient and current for projects and essay papers. When I hear people say that it cause ADHD or autism, I laugh because it's just as scientifically-based as homeopathy and is yet to be proved. Even as a child I know those people are so silly and probably don't know how to use tech themselves.

  • Technology Helps Kids Learn

    Schools should absolutely incorporate more technology into classrooms because technology helps children learn better. Tech also makes learning more fun and makes everyone's lives easier. Imagine having textbooks on a tablet rather than in a backpack--there are no more heavy backpacks to lug around. Plus, tablets can be connected wirelessly to other tech devices in the classroom to teachers can see what students are doing with their work without the need to have paper assignments whatsoever. Imagine all the trees that are saved by not having paper!

  • Technology is the way of the future.

    More technology is needed in schools. There is no question about that. Every time you turn around another electronic device is coming out. If our children do not know how to use the available technology they are not going to be prepared to live in the world. It is a schools job to eductate our children so that they are able to thrive in this world. Technology is a necessary part of that.

  • Yes they should.

    Although the use should be limited, I do think that schools should incorporate more technology into their classrooms. Things like tablets and computers can be invaluable when it comes to teaching students. The students can make graphs and charts, make videos of their experiments and learn things they couldn't learn directly from the teacher.

  • If used correctly, yes.

    Technology can be used to make lessons more interesting, it is up to the teachers to use it in an effective way. There will be those regular teachers who will put up notes and let their students copy it, a teacher who will go all outs to use technology beneficially will be able to make students want to study e.G. By having students use their phones as a "buzzer", and type in their answers to answer questions - real example. Just like that the teacher was able to make the whole class excited for the test and eliminate texting for at least that one period. I think it's also important to mention that the teacher had the smart board installed the day before - it was her 3rd day of using it.
    In conclusion, technology is a great resource to have in a classroom, but how much good it does solely depends on the teacher.

  • STEM Education - The Future Is Here

    The future is here. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) careers are in high demand and many of our schools are not teaching a synergistic approach until highschool or even college which puts the poorest states (in the Bible Belt) behind the learning curve in comparison to states who are getting most of the STEM government grants. The U.S. Is competitive with other countries in Pharmaceuticals but is behind in competition with China.

  • Yes. After all, paper and books are just another form of technology.

    Throughout 95% of all human existance, there was no written language. Everything was oral. It was easy for stories to be lost or confused, since they were simply passed down by generations. But then people figured out how to write on clay tablets, which were later replaced with papyrus, which was later replaced with paper. Technology is the next step.

    Computers are the best invention in the world. They may be only a few decades old, but our society is literally driven by them. It's not lazy; it's just the next step.

    I like to think of people as having two bodies, the inner body (made of flesh and bones), and the outer body (everything you wear and use.) Clothes may weaken your inner body, but they are stronger than your inner body ever will be. Similarly, a calculator may impair your brain, but it's better at math than you will ever be. Calculators can easily find square roots, but a person must estimate or use a complex formula.

    Technology was built by man to serve man. We must use it.

    "The point of a school is to prepare kids for the future, not the 1970's"- TheInterlang

  • It Actually Helps

    Many people don't seem to want to believe it, but technology, as distracting as it can be is actually very helpful in the classroom. Maybe not so much in the elementary/middle school level but in high school and college, teachers can use technology to communicate with each of their classes relatively easily, provided they have enough knowledge of computers that they can make use of these applications. Personally, when I was in high school, I had multiple teachers who would create group pages for each class. They would then use these groups to provide a forum for topics discussed in-class as well as a place to discuss current events or a place for students to provide links to other pertinent information that they themselves have found. When teachers actually make use of students' cell phones it not only makes taking surveys or polls relatively easy, but at the same time keeps the student engaged more so than issuing a no-tolerance ban on cell phone use in class.

  • Technology is creating a dependency for students

    People are beginning to become dependent on all their devices and you can easily see it already. I'm a high school senior and with all this new technology I'm just becoming better at finding answers not learning answers. Were really not getting smarter we're just becoming quicker at finding answers. I get it, technology is everywhere now a days and you can't hide from it but we need to be taught in schools that our devices shouldn't be used as a go to for answers but a tool to help solve answers.

  • Technology Is Always Changing

    I do not believe it is a smart idea to incorporate more technology into classrooms, because technology is always changing and evolving. As soon as a school purchases and implements new technology there is almost instantly newer and better technology available. This can be a drain on funding for schools. I think it is better to talk about technology and give them some expereince but it's not necessary to play the race game because if you teach them technology in school, the information will be outdated far before they graduate.

  • No they should not.

    Students do not need more techonology to distract them from their studies. If more technology is added to students work load they will find more ways to goof off and to distract themselves from their work. The way the schools are set up now seems to be working just fine.

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