• It's the right thing to do, and it works.

    As a child in the younger generation, I believe that corporal punishment SHOULD be in schools today. Fellow students back talk, sass, and insult my teachers. I think this is WRONG and should NOT happen. HOWEVER I think that this form of punishment should not be used for everything a student does. Detention is NOT an effective punishment style. I say this because at my school, how many detentions you have determines how high on the totem pole you are. The more detentions you have, the higher on the totem pole you are. Corporal punishment would insure that students did what they were told to do. Have you ever wondered why people from an older generation behave like a person should? It's because they were paddled. My mom was paddled and she is VERY proper. Everyone should act like the older generations.

  • No way !

    Kids should not get corporal punishment because they already banded it and it doesn't help at all. When they get hit they don't like it and they will get scared. The older generations don't know how to handle things. I bet they didn't even like corporal punishment. . . .

  • Corporal punishment is an antiquated concept.

    Corporal punishment should no longer be administered by school officials or parents. There is no evidence that it is an effective deterrent and statistics demonstrate that it could, in fact, have negative longterm psychological impact on children. Instead, children should be punished in a way that is reformative and relevant to the misbehavior committed.

  • No Way Jose

    Simply put, its not up to the school to impose corporal discipline. Plus punishment for the sake of punishment is nothing but social control, and teaching people to fear those in positions of power. And thats what the Republicans want. They want to get people young to fear those with authority, that way, their authority will less easily be challenged.

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