Should schools keep track of students outside of school?

  • Yeah they should.

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  • We need our privacy :-[

    You better not we need our privacy . That's crazy if they track us why would they it's weird they are like a stocker. ..... It's weird you think of it please ignore rest. H h h h h h h h h h h h j j j j

  • OMG stop stalking me.

    There is no reason to track where we are. How would you like it if i forced you to wear a necklace with a GPS tracker in it. It is so easily bypassed anyway. Just leave it somewhere in the school. This violates the 4th (i think) amendment. Once the bell rings, you are not our ruler.

  • No, schools should not keep track of students outside of school.

    No, schools should not keep track of students outside of school. When the bell rings at the end of the day and the students are off campus, they are no longer the school's responsibility, nor should they be. How could the schools even keep track of the kids? Will the kids start having to wear ankle bracelets? Will the school have a 24/7 staff monitoring their locations?

  • Schools Should Not Track Students

    Schools and school systems were put in place to educate children and young adults. Schools were not put in place to police these children's lives at home or outside of school. What a child or young adult does at home is the responsibility of the parents and the schools should not try to overstep their boundaries.

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