Should schools let students wear see through shirts with tang tops?

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  • Why should it make anyone uncomfortable?

    My argument may seem a bit confusing, but I'll try to make it clear.
    By banning girls from wearing certain items of clothing because it's supposedly distracting, it suggests that there is something sexual about a teenage body. Therefore, this train of thought sexualises girls. So why is it so distracting? Are people admitting that they find it arousing? Err.. Shame on you, I guess?
    No.. It's natural. A pretty girl or (young) woman is attractive, regardless of her age. For some reason though, it seems fine to say that about a 25 year old, but what about someone just 2 days before their 18th birthday? Well, you're not supposed to say that, right? But that's a bit hypocrite! Have you seen the amount of 18-19 year olds in (dare I expose the biggest elephant in the room) porn? And that's somehow fine? Teenage girls are already sexualised on internet to absurd levels. Do we really need to add even more outside of internet as well?

    So that makes people uncomfortable. Not because a girl looks nice, but because they're not supposed to like it. So what does that mean? Well could it mean it's their own dirty thoughts that makes them uncomfortable? But why though? Are they about to admit they are distracted because they find her arousing? Are they unable to control themselves? In that case then yes, shame on you. Big time shame on you!

    But it's the whole way people are raised, taught to believe it's improper to expose our skin or body shape and taught to believe our arousal, desire and such emotions are bad. And so, by contrast, when we do see more skin or emphasis to the shape of a body, then some find it difficult to control their thoughts. But the problem is not so much in the thoughts. The problem is we are raised to be ashamed of them. It's natural for a guy to feel attracted to a pretty girl because it allows him to select what his genes consider to be a good match.

    Where it goes wrong though is with those who don't have an outlet for their emotions. Maybe they are alone and have been for far too long..? Bottom line, what is a guy doing applying for a job at a school if he might be attracted to a student or unable to control his thoughts and emotions or even his actions?

    So what would happen if there would be more exposure of skin and emphasis of body shape? What would happen if students would come to school in bikinis and such? My prediction: a few scandals, but apart from that, nothing. Within a month, it will all be relatively normal. Some who can't control themselves will be exposed, but they shouldn't be working at a school anyway. The others will learn to live with it and understand their emotions and a month later, they won't even look any more.

  • It's not revealing anything!

    All a tank top shows is arms! Whats wrong with that!!! There's nothing revealing about a see-through shirt with a tank top under it and I don't see why the setting being school makes the situation any different. Even though school is certainly a place to learn, students lives primarily base around there time at school. They should be able able to express themselves in other ways than studies.

  • Just because its see through doesn't mean its inappropriate

    I wear see through shirt but obviously i wear a tank top underneath it. There's nothing inappropriate, its a shirt with another shirt. Its all how you wear and carry the clothing item that will make it trashy or not trashy. And tank tops aren't that sexually promiscuous they cover more than a bra.

  • What's Wrong With It?

    I do sometimes. I am going to be in middle school, but don't judge me. I have always worn a tank top under it and no one has ever said a thing about it. I have more see through shirts than regular shirts, which I think is odd, but it was really the only thing I could find my size outside of really kids like shirts with unicorns. I would buy other shirts but I don't exactly come from money and see throughs are the cheapest shirts. And it's cute. You wouldn't even know it's see through with a white tank top, like I wear.

  • All or nothing.

    They should let students wear what ever they want - Even if that's a bikini or a full clown costume! As long as it's not illegal (like coming in nude) then the school should have no say on what a person puts on (or doesn't) their body.

    But if they feel the need to ban even one thing, then they should have a school uniform. That way there is no room for discrimination.

  • It's not showing anything.

    The tang top should be there, that would be really gross if somebody did not wear a shirt under. Also nothing is seen and does not distracted anybody, also it's really cute. You might not sweat that much since it is light weight. Lots of stores sell them so they're easy to find.

  • Of course no!

    School isn't the proper place to show our clothes or flirt with boys through dressing. It's about learning not fashion! Moreover schools wich let the students wear see through skirts acquire bad reputation. Although teenagers don't understand the banning of improper clothing at school there are many important reasons which will help them in the future. Later, when they will be supposed to work most of their chiefs won't allow them to dress in the way the have habituate. It's a very serious consern and it has to be considered by all principals immediately!

  • What's the point of wearing a veil over your tank? What's the point of wearing a "see-through" shirt? Impractical and unwanted attention alert!

    Though everyone has their fashion preferences and their own reasons for going to school, generally, school IS supposed to be an environment for learning. Maybe one could make friends with other people who too, like the choice of super-thin fabric. Maybe it would be best just to play it safe and not rouse up the school principal.

    Most "sensible" people would claim that see-through shirts would contribute to defeating the purpose of being in school. The see-through shirts (the name!) would be distracting, and aren't that protective, thus they have limited wearable function.

    Sure they're cute and they have some aesthetic quality that some people get, but it's school and you would have to be focused on your education. If fashion's your thing, fine, but the see-through shouldn't be in school.

    See-through shirts = a trend that is soon to be dead. It'll just be one of those things that girls wear in the summer just to look cute and feel free.

  • No one wants to see that

    Some people are not meant to wear see through shirts and no one wants to see someones stomach. If you want to wear outside of school go ahead but most jobs will not allow people to wear see through shirts, school should be treated as a job.

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