• It Helps The Schools

    Technology gives kids the opportunity to have a fast and easier way to research. Sure, there are websites that they shouldn't be using, but there's an easy fix to that, just use a safe search engine or put locks and restrictions. Then, the kids can get the work done and the adults/teachers don't need to worry about what the kids are using.

  • No unless local school board requires it.

    Schools ought to be teaching basic skills like the 3R's, history, etc., especially at the lower grade levels. Kids seem to learn technology quite well on their own. I feel that technology might be viewed as some kind of silver bullet which will solve our failing schools problem. Also, technology is now changing so fast that what students are taught may not be relevant when they graduate. Note that my opinion should not be construed to oppose the local school board if it wants to utilize technology as I am all in favor of local control over the schools.

  • Schools Shouldn't Mandate Anything

    I shall assume that the purpose of this question deals with public schools as private schools are a different matter. Simply put school mandates of certain topics, no matter what they might be, are a form of coercion over students and often their parents/guardians. Students should be free to pursue the education they desire, whether that education includes technology or not. If technology is a necessary skill to learn (and in my opinion it is) then motivated students will pursue this skill for themselves.

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