Should schools permit girls to wear clothing that exposes their midriff?

Asked by: ladiesman
  • Girls need to be given the right to express themseves whether they are wearing a turtleneck or a croptop

    It is not girls fault that society feels that it will distract the boys. It is an insult to both genders. Males are seen as people who cannot control themselves, Then girls will have to pay for what people think of all you adolesents. In conclusion I feel that you should be given the right to wear anything.

  • Not “yes” in the sense of in favor of it

    I’m answering yes because school dress codes do not stop some people. And I mean “schools” in the sense of middle and high school with dress codes. In high school I have seen one or two girls with bare midriffs. These days people wear whatever they’re comfortable with, So if girls in school want to wear clothing that shows their bellies, Who am I to judge?

  • Respect is needed for us

    In my opinion, It does not really distract boys and also boys yes do have a dress code they could wear crop tops and tank tops but most do not and I feel like they do not have to try and find an outfit that is allowed in a school building while some girls have like no t-shirts in their closet and have to search for a t-shirt that is acceptable.

  • It supports diversity

    Crop-tops that show the mid-riiff is a way to embrace the body that latina's made, And people saying that boys would crowd around, That's their fault for being so perverted about seeing a belly, Honestly, The people who flirt because someones showing their stomach is disgusting, Not the person showing their stomach. Freedom of expression is the 1st amendment and should not be taken away because of a few perverted boys.

  • There body their rules

    Girls should be able to choose what they wear and not have restrictions on what they wear you wouldn't tell a boy to wear something different you would just leave him alone it is a real double standard dress codes shouldn't be restrictive on what people can wear they should allow people express themselves

  • Yes, Especially considering how the self worth and dignity of girls is not determined by having a section of the human body.

    Girls and females should be allowed to wear clothing that exposes their midriffs. By allowing, It provides a healthy image for the next generations about equality, It portrays how society longer view women as sexual objects and it increases women's self esteem. As stated by another user, There many campuses where guys go around wearing no top. The question is why are we still so myopic with our thoughts that we must portray girls with midriffs as inappropriate, And deem it is okay for guys to wear no top? All genders are equal in today's society. A lot of the arguments from the opposition feels that women and girls expose their midriff as in "attracting guys" or "wanting attention". Do the side opposition believe that every act the girls or the women does is purely to attract the guys? Do the guys feel so important that every single matter in the universe, Include how others dress, Needs to be about them? Furthermore, By allowing women and girls to wearing clothing that exposes their midriff also gives the message that their self worth and their value is not defined by having a belly.

  • Whatever makes them feel comfortable

    The school dress code doesn't really stop girls at my school anyways, So it doesn't really matter to me. It also seems to discriminate against girls, Whereas the dress code is more lenient towards boys. Whatever clothing both genders wish to wear is entirely up to them. I don't care either way

  • It's not inappropriate.

    I don't see anything wrong with showing midriff, It wouldn't cause distraction. It's not too distracting, Many croptops will show midriff without showing any chest making it an appropriate clothing item since it doesn't show too much. At my school girls are allowed to wear things like this and I never see anyone crowding a girl wearing this and making her uncomfortable. They may admire her outfit but not in a way that makes anyone uncomfortable. And if they did get distracted by it then that's their fault, Not the girls. They should be allowed to wear whatever they want if it's not inappropriate, Let them express themselves!

  • Because science and stuff

    They can cause um cause and well I don't even know really so let me just get my words in and stuff so yeah. Plz don't hurt me everybody so yeah that basically it and stuff im almost done soooo yeah nine words left and it feels great so yep.

  • Should schools permit girls to wear clothing that exposes their midriff?

    When a boy roams around the campus in a vest (sometimes even without a vest) its fine but when a girl wears something she's always in for judgemental comments. Have you ever heard someone say "oh look that boy is wearing such an inappropriate clothing"? No, Right? Then my friend who are you to say such things to a girl as if it is your birth right? It's not the girls but the boys who should learn to control their eyes as well as their thoughts. Just because she is a girl doesn't give you the right to judge her or her clothing. It's her life, Let her live it the way she wants to live it! If you still say that it is inappropriate for girls to wear clothing that exposes their midriff then I must say your way of thinking is inappropriate my friend and not the girl's clothes.
    Just wanted to say that learn to control your thoughts before trying to control somebody else's life.

  • Schools should permit girls to wear clothing that exposes their midriff.

    I say no because girls wearing clothing that exposes their midriff only draws attention to boys and then things may happen to her like boys may make a whole crowd around her or them. This can sometimes make a girl feel uncomfortable and then not want to wear a certain clothing anymore.

  • School is not meant for modelling.

    If schools decide to allow this type of fashion girls may get harassed or sexually harassed by other people. It's like the same thing as wearing a bikini too school, You are showing just too much skin that is also close to your private parts. Overall, It's not a good idea to be showing your whole entire stomach in public.

  • Agreed with what Yoichi_Hiruma said.

    "Schools should NOT let them wear that type of clothing. Nooooo. School's shouldn't let girls wear that stuff. It's gross and nasty and too revealing. I do not wanna go walkin' around school seeing girls wear inappropriate clothes even if it may be comfortable to them when they could just be more modest and wear a t -shirt and some jeans to cover up themselves. "

  • Schools should NOT let them wear that type of clothing.

    Nooooo. School's shouldn't let girls wear that stuff. It's gross and nasty and too revealing. I do not wanna go walkin' around school seeing girls wear inappropriate clothes even if it may be comfortable to them when they could just be more modest and wear a t -shirt and some jeans to cover up themselves.

  • NO! Way. BAD IDEA.

    Cause people have different morals and it just exposes them too much and the whole idea of that is just dumb I mean why would you let school going children and/or girls expose their midriff like that
    if you probably know the risks be, I mean the consequences could be anything that would just put them in danger because of wearing such short tops that would expose their midriffs

  • This benefits us how? How is this professional?

    First off, Its proactive. I don't care who you are, It makes an immediate statement on how you want people to perceive you. People will judge you first off of what they see, And those initial judgments have a tendency to stick. You don't learn in an environment when you are constantly being distracted, Your focus should not be on expressing yourself, Rather it should be on learning.

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  • It is inappropriate.

    Students are in school to learn things they will/may need later in life. It's not a fashion show, Dating program, Or red light district. Students, Girls and boys, Should be dressed appropriately. This is why schools tend to either have dress codes or uniforms.
    If kids want to wear what they like, They have plenty of opportunity to do so outside of school.

  • This is sexist

    Why do they permit only girls? Why can't a boy be allowed to wear clothing that exposes his midriff? This is borderline misandry. I would say yes if it was "Should schools permit students to wear clothing that exposes their midriff? " That would be a better, Non-sexist question.

    (extra words)

  • Is It Really Necessary?

    I believe that it is the school's choice to decide what the dress code is and that it isn't really necessary to wear revealing clothes to school. I believe that clothes like this are distracting to mainly boys and that a girl wanting to look pretty should not be a reason why boys are getting a worse education. I also believe that the only reason a girl would wear a crop top to school would be to show off. A girl probably wouldn't wear a crop top if they didn't want to show off their midriff. This means that girls are wearing crop tops most likely because they want to distract people and they want people to look at them

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