Should schools prohibit the displaying in any fashion of the confederate flag?

  • Do we allow kids today to wear swastikas in classrooms?

    Does it not have the same effect as seeing a kid with a confederate flag on his shirt? I am a student still in high school, and to me comparing these two symbols that were prevalent in world history seem to infringe upon the Public School System laws, which do have the authority to take away rights at the express consent of parents. So, next time your child gives you something to sign for school. Read it. Also, They both directly express the symbols of separate genocides. The US government allows freedom of speech and freedom of expression. That said, there are rules about using gang signs, drawing graffiti on walls and using symbols in ways that affect others. The confederate flag should be treated as a gang symbol, and therefore should be banned in public schools.

  • It is heritage!

    The rebel flag does not hurt anyone, and I believe it should be allowed to be worn, just like people from other countries wear theirs! And it is my heritage, and I should be aloud to be proud of it! The end of discussion, no questions asked, no ifs, ands or buts about it.

  • I find it is a racial statement and that is how kids at my school use it!

    This boy at my school was using it a an insult to the few African Americans in my school building! I didn't find it okay at all! 8th Graders here that we are talking about, that is way out of their age limit. Therefore, I think a Confederate Flag should be banned from all school buildings and areas.

  • Schools should not allow the confederate flag to be displayed because it is associated with slavery.

    The time when African Americans were held by plantation owners as slaves is an era that the United States needs to move past. Allowing the confederate flag to be shown at schools is immoral, in my opinion, because of what it represents. Some of the ideals of the southern states during the Civil War are ideals that should not be supported in the modern world.

    Posted by: TwoVic
  • The Confederate flag represent hate and maybe heritage.

    The Confederate flag definitely needs to be banned from PUBLIC schools. Georgia no longer flies it above the schools and other goverment building because it creates controversy. Likewise, we shouldn't wear it in the school. We are not asking anyone to totally abolish the use of Confederate apparel, but we are simply saying it isn't appropriate for school. The Confederate flag has been used at lynching and hate rallys. At Paulding County High School in Georgia students were not allowed to wear Obama shirts..............Now is this FREE Speech???????? We as a society must learn how to RESPECT and understand one another! We have to stop waiting on natural disasters before we respect someone or show them love. I would never let my kids wear ANYTHING to school that might offend ANYONE. You can't go to work with a "I Hate My Boss" shirt on and expect to keep your job. School system are trying to use the excuse that it's okay to wear a symbol of hate as long as it doesn't cause disruptions. Some schools choose not to deal with the issue, especially if it is address by a few minorities and the schools are historically white. PLEASE study more Black history and you will see why there aren't any blacks or minorities sporting the Confederate flag!!!!

  • Yes, because the confederate flag is an image many find offensive, and it should not be worn in public schools.

    Clothing in public schools is already very closely monitored, and there are tons of things that kids are not able to wear. So an object that, in some people's minds, represents slavery and racism should be censored. Although the flag itself is actually just a symbol of pride for the south, the connotation of it also invokes a deep rooted sense of white supremacy. It is simply something that will do nothing but cause negative reactions. There is simply no benefit to people being allowed to wear it. No good will come from it, and it only has the potential for bad reactions.

    Posted by: deathcab3
  • The confederate flag is an offensive symbol and should be banned from schools.

    Though the first amendment grants everyone the right to express themselves in any way they want in public, schools have the right to set certain rules within their walls. Schools across the nation ban students from wearing clothing with swear words or sexually explicit material because it offends people. While some may see the confederate flag as strictly a symbol of the south, it is more specifically a symbol of the confederate south at the time of the civil war. Since the confederate south supported slavery on the grounds that Africans were not humans and could be treated as property, it is very understandable that many people are offended by the confederate flag. The confederate flag represents racism - something that would obviously prevent the formation of a supportive school community, and should therefore be prohibited.

    Posted by: CesP5ych
  • The confederate flag should be banned in schools because school districts have the authority to do so.

    The confederate flag should be banned in schools because school districts have the authority to do so. In this case, the flag has a negative connotation related to hatred. In school districts, school boards have the authority to regulate how students dress and what they are allowed to bring to school if it might provoke other students or cause a science. Therefore, the flag should be banned because it could incite fights or other disagreements. To put it another way, it would be a disruption to the learning process.

    Posted by: SandDari
  • No, People shouldn't be able to wear Confederate flag accessories or articles.

    I can't wear a bandana because it is considered a "gang symbol" but they can wear a symbol that is undoubtedly a symbol of racism, Maybe not historically, But most definitely socially. It would be equivalent of me wearing a swastika symbol and claiming that since its a symbol of Indian and East Asian culture it isn't considered offensive.

  • It can offend some people.. My dude

    Even if its a stupid shirt we don't want to start any stupid drama over the stupid shirt, just wear a different shirt my dude. It would be much easier if we didn't have some kids complaining about the stupid stupid shirt if you didn't wear the stupid stupid shirt. Then the kids wouldn't have anything to squawk at you for! There are like a thousand different shirts you could buy, why THAT ONE if you know some people are gonna be squawking at you about a STUPID SHIRT.

  • First Amendment

    This is a weird topic. Under the first amendment, we have the right to display anything not damaging to national security. Is the Confederate flag damaging to national security?

    And, it doesn't represent slavery, it represents the last fight America fought against statism.

  • Learn your history

    Anyone who thinks the confederate flag is racist is almost as stupid as those who say the Swastika is the symbol for the Nazis. There's a real message in everything but it is ignored. History really is written by the victors. Before the 1900's slavery was common not just in America. To the confederates, they didn't like how the country was being run, and when slavery was threatened, they believed their rights were being taken away. As ironic as it was, slavery really was an American right. The confederates were not pro-slave, they were pro-freedom. It may be a contradiction, but it was like believing everything revolves around the earth. A misconception.

  • Of Course Not

    It's a Symbol of the men who died for our 13 Confederate States. I Respect it just as much or even more than the American Flag. The flag stands only for what you make it. If you believe the flag is a Symbol of Hate then you don't need a History lesson you need help Period.

  • First of all it's free speech

    Secondly, this question states displaying it in any fashion, that would include a historic Context and in such a context it is even appropriate to display the Nazi flag for the purpose of History. The Confederate flag represents an aspect of American History particularly in the South. To deny this not only denies the first Amendment right of expression but also the right of a school to teach history.

  • My 1st Amendment rights

    Saying that the Confederate flag represents racism and bigotry is the argument of someone who has no education on the matter. I am a highschool student and recently I recieved a dress code violation for wearing a Dixie Outfitters shirt that displayed a Confederate flag. Banning the Confederate flag is equivilant to banning the American flag as they both represent a similar cause. During the American revolution we created our flag to represent a symbol of freedom and independence much the same as the Confederate states did during the civil war. What makes one acceptable and the other unnacceptable? A little known fact is that only 5% of southerners owned slaves and of that 5% only 2% owned more than 5 slaves. Blacks fought for the Confederacy along side whites and Native Americans to preserve the southern way of life. Making the comparison of the confederate flag to the swaztika symbol used by Adolf Hitler during the second world war is not only insulting but extremely ignorant. I encourage everyone to research a thorough history of the Confederate flag before ruling it as a symbol of hatred and racism.

  • Reduces Creativity

    By forcing kids not to wear a certain article of clothing (i.e the confederate flag) it is not only a narrow-minded decision, (what? Are we going to have another war over a shirt?) but it reduces a kids fashion creativity and individuality. Maybe through studying the war the kid learned a great lesson, and wants to remember those times. It's history. Let us be creative in remembering our ancestors.

  • The confederate flag is an important part of history that should be displayed.

    People are always so up in arms about so-called "controversial topics". It's kind of ridiculous to not display a piece of important American history. The Civil War is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, events in American history. It shaped the lives and ideals of everyone that lives here today. They still display the swastika when they talk about Nazis, and they eagerly show the propaganda that Russia used during the cold war. So, why not show the confederate flag when discussing American history? It seems kind of tame in comparison, doesn't it?

    Posted by: DullBenito
  • Schools should not prohibit the display of the Confederate flag because it is a First Amendment right to do so.

    Although it is in extremely poor taste, schools should not prohibit the display of the Confederate flag, as it is anyone's First Amendment right to display it if they wish. Prohibiting the Confederate flag in schools could possibly lead to censoring of history textbooks, which is an even greater evil. Schools themselves should not be allowed to display the flag, but prohibiting others from doing so is not their right.

    Posted by: BrownDustin82
  • Schools should not prohibit the displaying of the confederate flag, as it is a violation of students' freedom of expression.

    A school does not have the right to ban the showing of the confederate flag, as doing so would be a violation of a student's freedom of expression. Furthermore, a ban on the confederate flag would mean that schools would have to ban anything else that could be deemed offensive. This could include Mexican flags, Che Guevara shirts and Malcolm X pictures, leading to a stifling school environment.

    Posted by: EminentBennett93
  • I do not feel that schools should prohibit displaying the confederate flag in any manner shape or form, because it does not represent anything more than history.

    I do not feel that schools should prohibit displaying the confederate flag, in any manner, shape or form. The confederate flag has come to stand for a racist thing, where it is actually a historic relic, just like any other flag. There is no reason to ban it from schools.

    Posted by: TickoCa22

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