Should schools provide a free lunch for all students?

  • Yes they should

    I think that schools should have or provide free lunch for all students so that way the students can no longer come home hungry and starving ok and yes I think that schools should provide a free lunch for all students ok ok ok ok ok ok bye bye 👋

  • A Parents money should have no influence on His/Her Child's Education

    If a child is hungry they won't learn as much. That is why schools allow lunch's, However some parents cannot afford a meal for their children, So the School should provide free lunch as to avoid A child's Parents wealth affecting their education. Another point is that a parent might give their Child unhealthy food. The school would provide a Healthy and balanced diet for the children.

  • School is for learning, Not feeding.

    Technically, Schools were created to teach kids. Lunch is just a supplement to make kids not starve when they are at school. In my personal opinion, We should let school lunch become a private sector, But with some government intervention that rewards school lunch business that serve tasty and nutritious foods. This way, Kids learn how to balance their own money and make decisions on their own.

  • No it is bad for our economy

    It sounds like a good idea but we need to see the consequences of having that. We want schools to make money, Economy has to grow any country wether if it’s Canada, USA, Or somewhere else. This is just what I am saying at my own beliefs you don’t need to support my comment but if you decided to support it thank you.

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