Should schools provide free dance class of all genres to children after-school?

Asked by: AnaghaR
  • Yes, they should.

    Schools should do this for one main reason: children who are not able to afford dance classes will still be able to dance and do what makes them happy, whether it be just for a hobby or to train to realise their passion and dreams. Schools should help children with pursuing their goals and free dance classes after-school is an easy and accessible way for children to learn to dance, and have fun at the same time, without worrying how much it is costing them or their parents/guardians.

  • It should be

    In our school, we have a dance class taught by a drama director. It is NOT good at all. After school though, me and my friends have a hip hop dance group, but we get yelled at if we want to dance on campus, we "should of joined dance class". We all should have the right to dance for A) whatever genre and B) whenever we want to.

  • Dancing is important

    All most all careers no-a days require some background in dance. Not letting kids experience this at a young age is a failure of our education system. Dance class needs to take priority over all other academic classes. In what world is math more important than dance? Our government needs to spend more money on dance lessons and less on unimportant things like the military and public safety.

  • Kids need more freedom of choice

    Personally, our school only has contemporary dance, which is what turns most people away from the subject, more children and teenagers should be able to express themselves, not only through contemporary dance but tap, street, ballroom and whatever else, giving them freedom of choice will build skills for the future as well.

  • Everybody Can Dance

    Everybody can dance, anyway they want and at a free price. It would be good for the parents to not have to pay a lot of money for a thing the kid wants to do and they don't have to worry about a scam as well. I think yes, they should.

  • Dancing is fun

    The Current and future generations are loosing personality and so i believe that having dance classes in many genres would really help. Not only would it be a good way for the students to learn something new and enjoy but also help keep the youth active. Also it will help provide a new way for students to bond and make new friends.

  • Dance Should be Available to ALL Students >>PLEASE READ<<

    #1Dance matters.

    The impact that dance has on the lives of children, tweens, teens, adults, and seniors is epic. From individual therapy and the benefits of physical movement to a noncompetitive alternative to sports, dance stimulates every bit of the body and mind. Not to mention the soul…

    I found this from >>>www.Astepaboveacademy.Net<<<

    Here are 4 reasons why dance should be taught in schools:

    #1 – Dance gets the heart pumping!!

    First and foremost: exercise. Dance can be a great form of physical activity for people of all ages. As a teen, there is no way you would’ve gotten me into a gym to run on a treadmill or lift weights. I stayed in shape because of dance, plain and simple. Schools can incorporate an appropriate, exercised-based dance course to get students moving. A natural appreciation of a healthy lifestyle is formed and will inevitably help students see the connection between feeling good and movement. Plus, students will realize the restriction of the body when movement is nonexistent.

    #2 – An appreciation for the arts

    Incorporating dance as part of school curriculum will help nurture a sense of appreciation and admiration for the arts. Dance is a fine art, an idea lost for many people because it has become such a competitive “sport” in many arenas. In reality, dance is, and always will be, an art and deserves the same kind of respect, admiration, and appreciation as, say, a symphony orchestra or the opera.

    #3 – A boost in social & self-acceptance

    There is nothing more embarrassing than going to your senior prom not knowing how to dance. Teaching dance in schools at a young age can help boost confidence and eliminate the fear of “performing” all together. A dance curriculum in schools may not prepare a student to audition for a classical ballet company, but it can take away some of the insecurities felt when put into social situations where dance is expected. And let’s think beyond parties and events. Children speak and move to express themselves. When we dance, we experience a heightened sense of creativity that pushes us to extend beyond our limitations and develop coping skills that can last a lifetime.

    #4 – A change at originality and expression

    Dance gives students a creative outlet for ideas and feelings, especially when words are difficult to come by. A safe place to express themselves, all dancers move differently and this originality in movement allows students to accept and understand one another. This acceptance and respect for one another can spread further. Introducing cultures by way of movement leads to appreciation. Dance varies in music and tone, and most importantly, can lead to a new way of communicating with one another.

  • Yes i think so.

    Dances are fun and nice to have we also need more time to relax instead of being frustrated in school doing work so i think that having dances are very good to do in free time to dress up and have a good day not having to worry about school.

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  • It is a low priority:

    How do you expect the school to fund these free lessons? Its all well and good the lessons costing the students nothing but someone has to pay the dance instructor/provide and maintain the area the lessons are taking place.

    There are plenty of things a school can and should do: for example providing breakfasts for students who's parents can't or won't provide it but free dance lessons a low priority.

  • It is not necessary!

    Dancing isn't the only way that children can get exercise, and not everyone needs to know how to dance, or even wants to! This could not benefit the school in any way because the teachers would be wasting their time and not making any money, because theres no way the government would fund this.

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