• I agree we need to support PSEK and BeNab** survivors

    Through the years many people have fallen into the trap of the psek and the benab**. That type of bullying takes place on one specific media that is called Google Classroom. Here schools have complete accesss and shoud STOP this as soon as possible. However, Action is rarely take. This is killing people from the inside and we need to stop it as soon as possible. To save a life call, 1800-YOUR-MOM

  • Yes, schools should definitely punish cyber-bullying, even if off-campus.

    Although the event did not happen in school, the school is responsible for what may happen after the event in school. It may affect a child's learning ability, social life, and how they participate in class. All of these problems happen in school. Other authorities should be contacted and involved, but the school should not be completely disregarded and not involved.

  • Yes They Should

    I think the schools should punish off-campus cyber bullying because it should not be tolerated. I think it is not okay for kids to cyber bully. If someone cyber bullies they should be punished by the schools and the parents. One way to punish someone is to give them an after school detention.

  • Yes they should.

    When students are bullied online, It can affect their learning and behavior. Some will become distracted and not do their best in class while others may start acting out and/or participating in things such as drugs or drinking. There should be boundaries of what schools take action on, But if they don't take action then who knows what their school environment will become. Especially if they make it seem like it is okay and unpunishable.

  • Cyber bullying should be punished even off school campus

    How are parents supposed to punish cyber bullies anyway? What are THEY supposed to do. I am sure that schools could find a way to stop this cyber bullying, Even if it occurs off school campus. It would be a lot easier if schools were to punish cyber bullying, Rather than anyone else, Like your parents. Cyber bullying is unexceptionable behavior, And it should be punished as much as bullying should be punished. What would you or your parents do to punish cyber bullying? If you assault them, You could get in trouble yourself. The best thing to do is tell the school.

  • Fe ged fg

    Think the schools should punish off-campus cyber bullying because it should not be tolerated. I think it is not okay for kids to cyber bully. If someone cyber bullies they should be punished by the schools and the parents. One way to punish someone is to give them an after school detention.

  • I think they should not.

    I think schools should not punish kids for cyber bullying off site, though it is not fair to kids for being bullied at places like Facebook because it is not their job. State law states that the student that attends a school is the school's responsibility until they reach their house. Once the child is in their house it is the parents responsibility not theirs.

  • Bullies' Rights Unprotected

    The 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals ruled during "Doninger v. Niehoff" that "a student may be disciplined for expressive content, even conduct occurring off school grounds, when this conduct would foreseeably create a risk of substantial disruption within the school environment, [and] it was similarly foreseeable that the off-campus expression might also reach campus." Because the students who are engaging in cyberbullying are doing so in a manner that will almost certainly result in it reaching campus in some manner, this action is not protected under the First Amendment.

  • Yes, The School Must Punish Cyber-bullying

    Cyber-bullying damages the victim's academic capability by attacking them mentally and emotionally, which may affect their physical well being as well. Since the student is attacking another student in the school, the school is not completely unrelated to the issue. It has all the rights to ensure a safe environment for its students. Having a bullied student in the class does NOT promote a safe learning environment for the rest of the class.

  • I Think They Should

    I think they should because people should not have to put up with it. I think people who cyberbully should be punished in every way shape or form. I think that people who are getting cyberbullied should get help right away. No kid/adult should take any of this. I think the people who are getting cyberbullied should bring an adult with them to discuss the situation.

  • The school has no power outside the school

    "Issues such as cyberbullying and harassment through social media have prompted many school districts to police students' online activity. As a result, Some of these policies have been challenged in court and have been struck down for violating students' free speech rights. "(https://education. Findlaw. Com/student-conduct-and-discipline/discipline-and-punishment--student-codes-of-conduct-and-discipli. Html Par 10) the parents should be the ones dealing with this not the school because it is off campus cyberbullying

  • No it's not the schools business!

    There is absolutely nothing that the school can do about outside cyberbullying. If it doesn't occur on school grounds the school has nothing to do with it. For example, If someone goes off of school campus and does drugs, There is absolutely nothing that the school can do about it. That's when the police get involved not the school. If someone was getting murdered by a kid that went to that school you wouldn't call the school you'd call the police. If you do something in school that's the schools issue if you do something at home the school doesn't need to be involved with it at all.

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  • This is why..

    Schools have a duty of care to make sure that their students are safe and protected while in school. If the student is not in school, they are vulnerable to bullying on or outside of social media. Currently, schools are not to intervene with cyberbullying unless they are referenced or are the victim.
    We believe that schools should intervene as it can not only effect the student outside of school, but also in school. It can cause the student to be angry, tired, or sad with a bad wellbeing. It may affect a child's learning ability, social life, and how they participate in class. All of these problems happen in school. This means that the school must intervene as it comes under the duty of care policy.
    The Childs parents must also be involved as it is their Childs social media and their health and safety. The bullying may also continue during school and this can cause anger. If a teacher asks “Hey Jimmy what’s wrong?” They may be the anger rebound. This can also be the same with the parents.
    If it is a threat it is not the schools problem, the case will then be handed to the police. Bullying can really hurt self-confidence. Most kids don’t tell their parents about cyberbullying because they don’t want to be bullied even more for bringing their parents into it. However, if the school is involved the bullying will most likely stop or be reduced.

  • No because it

    The parents responsibility to know what your kid is doing on their smartphone,laptops,ipad/tablets,etc.So if the kid is cyberbullying it the parents fault for nothing looking out for there kid and it the other kids fault because he's not telling his parents he is being bully.And is these kid keep being bully he might take it to fr and kill himself

  • Absolutely positively, NOT!

    The school is not needed in these situations because lets say your house gets robbed, who would you call the school or the police? The police right, so why isn't this the same? Bullying during school hours should be dealt with the school, but if the cyber bullying happens off campus, it should not be "the schools problem" it violates the students rights because how would the school know if a student comments something mean on anothers post? Did they make a fake account to "monitor" all the students? It is basically stalking.

  • Hold up now

    So this stuff just gets to a creepy point, like why should the school be stalking kids instagram account. What's next? They probably gonna be coming to my house and telling me not to crap with the door open! If i decide to dis Jimmy on fortnite thats my problem, lets not get the school involved. Also you should let kids and their parents deal with that... WE GOT RIGHTS TOO!!!!!!!!

  • No way broski

    Okay there's this thing called a block button. Use it. Voila, no more cyberbullying. Like really. Also how would schools punish cyberbullying? "Sorry but you called Jimmy a jerk, suspended". Sorry, but in this case there is a whole slough of things the student could do. For example: Don't go on that specific form of social media anymore or block them. Seriously. Real bullying is harder to stop because youre with that person face to face, but with cyberbullying you have wayyyy more options as the person being bullied to do something about it yourself.

  • It violates the 1st amendment of the US constitution

    In the first amendment of the US constitution states that you have the freedom of speech. Therefor, if this is not on school grounds, they have no right to punish the student. Follow the constitution, schools! You people have to obey the law just as much as we have to!

  • Schools shouldn't test the boundaries

    Sure, bullying is bad, however, if the schools start spying on social media, it could infringe on not only a student's second amendment right but also their privacy. Just the thought of having an administrator watching your posts at all times is a bit creepy. If they start here who knows what they'll do next. It could spread to overall behavior and conduct. Students may start getting in trouble for playing M rated games like Call of Duty. If it starts here, who knows where it may end up!

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