Should schools replace paper and pencils with iPads?

  • It keeps kids organised

    Do you ever lose your papers and go crazy looking for them? Well, if you had an iPad, you just need one app per subject. You can never lose them. Instead of using a binder, which end up breaking every year, all you just have everything organized on your iPad.

  • Yes.At least I think so.

    In my elementary school, this already happened.We all followed the directions.I am a kid.Just to clarify:We DO NOT go on tumblr, facebook, etc.Saying we do is being stereotypical,Which is immature.The teachers put the non-kid apps into a folder that says"do not tap"".If you say either yes or say no, I do respect your opinion and you're just saying your opinion.You may agree or disagree.If you do not want to involve yourself in this matter, don't do it.

  • So Much Cheaper

    Textbooks cost a lot of $$$$. Even though iPads are like $600. Textbooks are like $700 each. The online books are not that much money. If you factor in all the supplies textbooks, pencils, notebooks, Binders ect.. That's a lot. IPads with the online books is just over .5 of it.

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  • We should itll be much cleaner and more fun

    Im thinking that using ipads for this is great!! It'll be much more fun to do home and schoolwork and much easier to clean without pencil lead and paper scraps. Now im just going to say more to make this fit but yes to ipads in schools this is a good idea!

  • A Futurist Perspective:

    As technology becomes more ubiquitous than it is already, pen to paper data recording will become irrelevant. We shall see great advances in wireless information transfer, where data is free, much like television signals of old. Expenses for devices will be nominal, thus more ubiquitously utilized in the classroom. Data storage will be virtually unlimited as we progress with cloud computing coupled with the ease of informational recall and discovery from web search queries. This means students will be able to access every book, magazine, primary sources, secondary sources, encyclopedias, wikis, on every device without worrying about storage limitations. Basically, they will carry the Library of Congress with them everywhere they go. One almost do that already today! The skills of the future have not been identified yet, but we must see further that they way we were educated. Pens, pencils, paper, books, handouts, workbooks, etc., will soon be irrelevant to the learner of the future.

  • Cuz i said so

    They are way easier to use for school....They dont waste trees and ink....Its helps keep up with homework and projects instead of losing it....Its apps help out with projects and there fun. You can do movie projects like videos. And Adobe reader and other apps for ipad..... You can put it in smaller places like backpacks there lighter than a bunch of books and paper....And you can just have it all on one ipad...Take it home do the work on that and have fun doing it....It promotes students doing homework and projects that are fun.

  • It's clean and easy.

    Writing is an important skill. Because writing a word is really important in school and of course, we have to know how to write a word. And we should follow the trend, so we should iPads with pencils. In addition, when we write with pencils and erase, there are migwish. Migwish can make a place dirty and it would be hard to clean. One more thing is that we can write easily with our hand, or pen.

  • It's not necessary

    Ipads are expensive. Not all of the children could afford them. They did a study on how computers and ipads are actually worse for you when it comes to taking notes than pen and paper. People remember more by actually writing it than by playing around on an ipad. None of these kids are going to be able to read or write by the time they're done with school.

  • Shouldn't be replaced entirely

    Of course, I am tempted to use digital devices in class, because my folders and notebooks are overflowing with worksheets and I need to carry a lot of stuff.
    However, I cannot imagine to replace a pen with a tablet. First of all, I can't concentrate on texts on screen. Secondly, I get headaches easily; working with an iPad wouldn't be ideal for such a long time. And finally, I need a pen in my hand. It is just important to me and I stay focused longer.
    However, a small tablet would be a nice addition to a notebook, because I write down a lot of ideas and draw soemthing quickly for alter use. My notebooks are really messy because of that and I don't want to carry an extra notebook. An iPad on the table for a quick note would be great. It's light, it has enough storage, I could look something up quickly.

    Those who would be distracted by an iPad in class usally stare at their smartphones anyways.

  • Really. That is crazy

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  • The IPads Are Not Reliable

    I have IPads at my school and majority of the kids hate them. I would say around 80% of them dislike them. First off, when we go on the online books instead of the actual textbooks we always have to wait a few minutes for everyone's IPads to load so that wastes like five minutes of valuable class time. Once we get on the online textbooks they always crash so then you have to relog in as everyone else is reading! That's just plain annoying because if you use the actual books that problem would never happen. Also, since we've been using the IPads at school I've been getting minor head aches and strained eyes. Yes, I go on my phone a lot but it's not from 8:00 a.M to 3:00 p.M. Also, I feel really bad for the kids that don't have wifi at home. They always have to stay at the public library for a few extra hours to just get their homework done! To continue on, it's a really bad distraction. When I do my homework I turn off my phone, but since I'm going on something that has the same abilities as my phone there is really no point of turning off my phone. I'll be doing homework on my iPad and few minutes later I'll be on a Buzzfeed video. I'm actually typing this on a school issued IPad instead of doing homework. The list goes on but I really have to do my homework now.

  • I say NO!

    I go to a school in north eastern ohio and we have the iPads. And I had a world studies teacher and a science teacher that did not teach. I caught my world studies playing chess on his Mac book in the middle of class! And you have my favorite class honors calculus and the teacher did not use the ipad and over half of the class got straight a' sand b's because she actually taught!

  • No pencils should'nt be replaced with iPads.

    We should'nt replace pencils because then how would us kids be able to learn how to right. And anyways not all people have enought money to buy technology.And we should'nt change the history of what was just here for a very very log time. So my answer is a big and fat NOOOOO.

  • Pencil will always be a powerful tool

    No, tablets are a useful learning tool, but they should not replace the old faithful pen and pad. When the lights are not working and all else fails, work can always be completed with the basic materials. Electronics can be broken, damaged, or just wiped clean and no information can be recovered. If it is on paper, it is always available.

  • Not right for everybody

    It's not right for everybody because not everyone absorbs info on it as easily as others. For example, some kids can read on an i pad, but some find it hard to focus on it. Also, it's just too tempting for some kids to play games, and it's a waste of money to have to pay for them, because essentially, we're just paying for kids to play games in class.

  • They will be parleys and without ipads they will not able to do any thing.

    Ipads run with electricity. If there will be no supply then they will sit idle till supply restore. This is costly measured. Their creativity with pencil and pen will be disappear. Pen and pencil use in paper is very necessary for child memory power. Child will be happy doing naughty in pencil and paper work.

  • Just going to be a distraction.

    I just don't understand what the benefits of it would be? It would be to expensive, why spend so much money on something that is not needed? Instead of Ipads use that money on books, school supplies, school appliances. It will ruin eyesight more then using paper and pencils. They might end up using the Ipads other then educational purposes. Overall it would just be a bad idea.

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