• Yes, but it needs to be changed

    I think schools should require a dress code but it needs to be changed A LOT. Schools need to stop teaching girls at SUCH young ages that they can not be comfortable in their own skin because it is too "distracting" to male teachers and students. If a girls clothes are too distracting to a TEACHER then that teacher should go to jail for being a pedifile, and male students should be taught that girls arent sex objects. Schools should require a simple dress code that is directed to ALL genders. Simple rules like no super short shorts (too a point where the butt is showing), no inappropriate language (like racist slurs or bias quotes), and EVERYONE is required to wear a shirt, pants and shoes at all times. And the rules should apply to boys and girls. Girls showing their stomach's is not wrong. We all have stomach's, if you cant handle a stomach you need to think your life over because you have one too

  • I agree with dress codes

    Studies show that having a dress code improves academically, lowers teasing in schools, and shows equality.R r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r rr r

  • Yes they should

    There could be gangs shown on t shirts. T shirts could show vulgar language. Clothing could show hate toward religions. Clothes could cause people to pick on one another. People could make fun of other people's outfits and clothing. This is why I Think schools should require dress codes. That is all i have to say.

  • Yes, as long as it is reasonable.

    Dress codes are essential to keep students dressed appropriately for the environment. Without dress codes, students are likely to come to class in very revealing or offensive clothing that distracts from class. However, dress codes that are too strict restrict and hinder individuality and personal expression, so there needs to be some flexibility within the code.

  • Yes, schools should require a dress code.

    Educators maintain that a dress code actually promotes safety in schools. A dress code minimizes the possibility for conflicts, even violent ones, between students. On a related note, a dress code can lessen class and economic conflicts between students. Research associated with dress codes suggests that the academic performance of students actually improves when schools implement these types of requirements.

  • Yes, students should not distract other students by exposing too much skin

    Yes, schools should require dress codes, but the codes should be aimed at reducing distractions based on skin exposure. Grade-school students are distracted enough by technology during school, but the opposite sex can also hinder education. The dress codes should not target the content of clothing, unless it is flagrantly offensive.

  • Dress codes are essential to setting a tone.

    Dress codes set a tone for an environment. This tone helps communicate expectations about the type of conduct that is considered acceptable. In this manner, dress codes in school are reminders to students that they are there for educational purposes and should come in the right frame of mind to do so, and that the right frame of mind should begin when they dress in the morning.

  • Moons in day light or the shape of you

    Why should guys be allowed with showing there boxers and not get dress coded but when girls wear tight they get dress coded because it shows you shape to much is it their fault they have a nice body no but a male can low ride and be ok its to sexist and that's why will try my hardest to fix the dress code or at lest point out what's wrong with it

  • Wear what you want to wear

    People should be able to wear what they want to wear BE CONFIDENT in what they wear and with dress codes the don't let us do that. And if we are not able to wear what we want to wear girls and boys will or can be shamed. That is why I do NOT think dress codes are ok.

  • Dress codes are a little strict.

    I know you cant go to school wearing crop tops and booty shorts but you should be able to wearing leggings or a dress. Sending a girl home from school for saying their shoulders are ''distracting'' to boys, you are basically saying boy's education is more important than a girls. Girls should feel confident with what they are wearing and not be shamed for it.

  • Sexism & The First Amendment

    The dress code is sexist I am looking at my dress code right now and the only ones for boys are #1 & 12 which are Hats are not to be on campus during school hours or any other indoor activities. And pants must be worn at the waist (no showing under garments). The girls are supposed to follow all thirteen rules. So the boys can do so many thing that girls cant so it sexism. Also you should have the right for freedom of speech should be free in schools and clothing could show what you think about the world

  • There to sexist

    Dress codes are to sexist. Don't believe me well I seen violations of the dress code for boys they don't usual get called out. Now if its a girl they always get called out. Its too enforces on girls. I only ever was dress coded once when I was in 2nd grade. The rule was no more than an inch above the knee. My skirt was 11/2-2 in. Not the slightest bit distracting. I had to borrow clothes form the office which took like 25min. Guess what guys get away with a ton of stuff. In other words until schools can stop being sexist no dress code.

  • No dress code

    Have u ever heard of a free country and what about the kids that don't like that color or don't like to be fancy that's why we have private schools for dress codes but in regular no way no dress code that's why everyone should agree with the no breaks code

  • Dress Codes are sexist and not very strict

    Most dress codes are for women, and they almost ALWAYS say nothing about logos on t-shirts. Two kids in that hall were wearing shorts that were a little too short for the dress code, so they got in trouble, but the kid with a shirt referencing sex doesn't get in trouble. He was wearing a shirt for Tootsie Pops that said "The slower you lick, the longer it lasts." It doesn't sound too bad, but short shorts or sex tees?

  • Freedom of speech

    Our clothes say something about us and dress codes will take a small part of that from us. So what if a girls shorts aren't finger tip length or longer so what if a boys shirt has damn on it, this is america we have freedom of speech. I dont care how many spelling/grammar errors are in this.

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