Should schools require students to wear uniforms?

  • Uniforms should be required

    Uniforms should be required to prevent bullying over the newest sneakers and hottest jacket. They save the student time in the morning when choosing what to wear and the parents money because 4 pants and 5 shirts will last a school year. It also pushes students to express themselves and show their uniqueness in new ways like writing, singing, dancing, sports, etc.

  • Students should be able to wear uniforms

    As i have heard before and i will say, students with uniforms don't need to worry about being picked on for what they wear. Lots of kids i know wake up 30 minutes earlier just to pick out the "right" outfit for the day. With my opinion i think that schools should choose uniforms to release the stress of picking out clothing for the day. I can see how the other side looks at the situation though, i know lots of people want the right to pick out their clothing and i respect that. I do want to say one last thing though, with uniforms you only have to pay for one set of clothes (or two, depending on P.E.) and you don't have to constantly buy new clothes for school each year.

  • Schools should be required to wear uniforms

    Schools should be required to wear uniforms because it causes less teasing about what the student chooses to wear. It also gives the student more focus on their schools work instead of worrying about what they wear or how they look like. Furthermore, buying individual clothing pieces may cost more money to be spent, but if a uniform is bought, less money is spent on buying clothes.

  • Schools should require students to wear uniforms

    Schools should require students to wear uniforms. This is because of the fact that there have been studies on students who wear school uniforms versus students who follow a dress code or none, and the results have shown that the students are more obedient, less distracted, and less unruly when they wear uniforms.

  • Uniforms Are Better

    I believe schools should require uniforms for students. I think this makes it easier for the students and can help create a more neutral environment. People often say that uniforms cost to much money, but this simply isn't true. Shirts are generally sold for $8-$15 dollars and the slacks can be found for the same price as jeans.

  • Yes, I believe schools should require students to wear uniforms.

    Yes, I believe schools should require students to wear uniforms, because there are a lot of social, and hormonal issues that distract students in toady's society. Making uniforms mandatory would eliminate those issues form the school environment. Putting the focus solely on learning, and mental growth. Making uniforms mandatory would be ideal.

  • Schools Should Require Uniforms

    Yes, schools should require students to wear school uniforms as uniforms solve a number of issues. First, they prevent bullying based upon what a student might decide to wear and put everyone on an even playing field. Second, they make gang identification to be harder, making issues of gang related violence go down.

  • Freedom Of Dress

    Students in all grades should have the freedom to dress and act how they want. Children should not be deprived of their uniqueness. Where as I see how children should be teased by the clothes they wear, but that will always find to come out somehow and some people will always find something rude, and arrogant to say about someone. They should feel safe at school, not afraid to go to school. There will ALWAYS be cliques and will ALWAYS be bullies. No doubt student uniforms will not take away cruelness of fellow students. They will always tell you they're better than you or get you down. No one can stop that. Uniforms won't either.

  • No they should not

    Because the clothing industry would plummet and people would be out of the job. Also parents would buy the kids clothes for nothing if their just going to wear a school uniform every week for 12 more years.One more fact kids might not even want to go to school anymore

  • No school uniforms

    I know some people want there kids to wear school uniforms and all that other stuff just because it makes the school look professional but I think kids should be able to show who they truly are. If kids are forced to wear uniforms they don't get to express themselves. Overall, students should be allowed to express who they are and not wear uniforms.

  • No we shouldn't

    No. Because students should be able to express themselves through how they are feeling. If someone told me to wear a uniform to school, i would refuse. I like to express myself with what i am wearing. In my opinion, this also gives out my personality. I think that wearing uniforms would make students not have the freedom to wear what they would like. Instead they have someone to pick out what they look like for them.

  • Nope we shouldn't

    We should not have to we want to express our selfs. Kids just want to have fun and comment on our people's outfit . We just want to pick out our own clothes not the clothes that the school picks out for us. Let us wear our own things and our jewels

  • Only in private schools.

    I think when it comes to uniforms, public schools should NOT require students to wear uniforms. I think the students very much enjoy having such freedom at school to wear more or less what they would find appealing, as long as they, of course, stay within the schools respected guidelines.

  • Freedom of Speech

    Clothing is protected free speech in a public school setting. How a student dresses is up to the individual and his/her parents as required by a school's dress code. Requiring someone to wear a uniform outside of a private school is just another way to control the meatmarket that is a modern public school education.

  • No, they should not

    I've experienced going to a school with uniforms, and without uniforms, and in all honesty I feel like it doesn't matter. In fact, it almost feels as if theirs more judgement in a school with uniforms, because as soon as you're seen without it, its not the norm for everyone else. I also feel that there's really not much judgement at all in schools that don't have uniforms.

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