Should schools require their students to have either a dress or uniform code?

Asked by: IAmMe
  • I really think so.

    When I was a kid, I went to a private school. I practically grew up in uniforms. Now, I see some kids that wear tank tops in fall. I don't necessarily mean that kids should wear uniforms every single day. However, I do think that schools should limit the range of clothing that kids wear.

  • Yes yes yes!

    As a public school student, Many kids that i've seen bullied growing up is due to their choice of dress. I believe if schools assigned uniforms "bullying" would decrease intensely. Yes, students should be able to express themselves but i to a certain extent.I agree that a stricter dress code or uniforms could help greatly.

  • Yes they should

    Dress code or a uniform policy does help with keeping a professional environment for students and teachers alike. Kids who know that their school has high expectations for their dress tend to act better and tend to not make clothing an issue to divide the population. It needs to be a policy.

  • Schools should require their students to have either a dress or uniform code.

    It is important to have a code of conduct in a school. Part of good conduct is dressing appropriately. If students are allowed to wear outfits or accessories that disrespect authority or advocate bad behavior, teachers will not be able to keep a peaceful learning environment. It is reasonable to have a dress code in a school.

  • Yes, it is basic professionalism.

    Yes, schools should require their students to have either a dress code or a uniform, because it is good basic professionalism in schools. In the workplace, each person cannot show up dressed however they want to. Learning how to present themselves professionally is an important part of schooling, and students should be encouraged to look their best.

  • Yes, schools should require uniforms if they see a need.

    School uniforms are fine, if the school sees a need for them to be required. This is completely up to the school, and if they feel it's important. I can especially see it being helpful for students who are in lower income brackets. They wouldn't feel forced to wear brand name clothing, and will feel like they fit in better.

  • Yes they should.

    Schools should require all of their student to have either a dress or uniform code. There have been plenty of studies on this exact thing. These studies have proven time and time again that the student who have gone to a school that have uniforms perform better then the ones that do not.

  • Yes, they should

    Yes, schools should require students to dress appropriately. Of course, it can be debated to no end what's "appropriate" - no one seems to think about it anymore; anything goes these days. Well, I'd say it is up to the schools to decide what they allow within their walls. Certain fashion trends should not be there.

  • A dress code is necessary but I'm actually neutral on uniforms.

    I literally couldn't care less if my school required uniforms or not, I've been to one of those schools and I find no reason to care. An advantage to it is that you don't have to worry about shopping for clothes in august.

    And "self expression"? Really I couldn't care less. On the subject on dress codes however, dress codes are necessary. It what prevents some students from wearing offensive or unnecessarily revealing clothing.

  • If you give a kid a little slack, they'll want the whole rope!

    I think that they should. My school doesn't and it's not that I think they should because I am self conscious, but clothes are WAY to expensive now to buy all sorts of outfits. If you only had to buy outfits to wear on Fridays (I know a lot of schools with dress code let their kids dress out 1 day a week) and the weekends, and the summer, then the cost would have a significant cut. (Unless you just went crazy shopping anyway). Also if you give a kid a little slack, they'll want the whole rope. I'm 18 years old and a senior, I know. Its just a tease now. We can only wear jeans (no holes), nothing shorter than regular pants (not even Capri's), shirts (has to have sleeves), cant wear tight pants (leggings, yoga pants, ect.). We might as well have a dress code because it just makes us want to dress out more now! Then there is the point of people wouldn't feel inferior to others based on their financial stability that shows through some families clothes.

  • No... You control freaks!!

    Uniforms take away free will and freedom of expression. Children do not choice to go to school, so isn't a ultimatum to make them wear it? If they only concerned about the bullying, then why do you make wear ties? It is about making you school look posh, not for the students. Teachers often abuse it and go on at the students for putting up their top button.

    If you do not buy two set of clothes, it is also cheaper not to have school uniform.

    At work it is different because you are given free will to work there.

  • Express you self

    No,because kids should be allowed to express themselves what would happen if no one in the world expresses themselves. It would be black and white. Not also that, but they should not express themselves in that manner but in color and style. It should be appropriate for school. That's it

  • No they should not.

    There are schools that require it's students to have either a dress code or a uniform code. The dress code is not a big problem because there should be a limit as to what one can dress up like in an environment you are supposed to learn in. But to have a uniform would be a little too much. First of all its not about trying to prevent people from wearing inapporopriate clothing, a dress code would do a pretty decent job of it already. Not to mention parents have to spend that extra money to buy uniforms- its not like schools provide you with one for free.

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