• Uniforms are horrible and they don't let kids express them selves.

    Everyone knows that kids often express them self through clothes. Pretty much everyone I know wears different clothing and imagine if every kid in your school wore the same thing! It would be a disaster! I don't not know any schools that make kids wear uniforms and if I did, no way I would go there! So I say no to uniforms.

  • I think students should have to wear uniforms

    I think that they stop most bullying. If all the students look the same nobody would be left out and excluded. Also other people would see that all the students are wearing the same thing they look organized and disaplined. Everyone would be able to tell that they belong to one place. Nobody would be left out, how could they,all of them look the same!

  • Yes they should

    Hello, I'm Diego, a 14 year old boy that goes to a random public school. I'm interested and I know about this particular subject because I used to go to a private school. Here are my reasons why uniforms are good:
    1) School uniforms save you money
    2) School uniforms save you time in the mornings to get to school.
    3) School uniforms prepare you for worklife in which often you must wear a uniform or follow a dress code.

  • Nina

    I highly support school uniforms! I'm a junior in high school now, but back then in 7th and 8th grade I opposed it only because I didn't think it was "coo?" And didn't think I could express myself with clothes or show my individuality. I've come to realize that expressing yourself with clothes is a lame excuse and you can always write poetry, write stories, sing, act, draw, dance, or you can simply talk to your peers about your interests to truly express yourself! Also, you can always express yourself out of school, I don't know why people act like school is the only time they go out. And with uniforms, I feel like everybody could finally focus on their school work and not fret on how they look. Image is illusory, actions determine who you actually are. P.s. Almost all of the schools in Japan have school uniforms, yet they are easily recognized as one of the most creative, original, and expressive countries.

  • Yes it helps stop bullying.

    This is because it could help prevent bullying. I'm not saying bullying will stop if we have school uniforms, but it will help. School is a place to learn, not a place to dress up. Some families might not be able to afford it but that doesn't mean schools can't find uniforms that aren't that expensive.

  • Yes

    I believe so, I'm 14 freshmen as of this year. I will be attending a dress coded school, the previous school I went to I didn't have to wear uniform. But I actually was relieved to know I had to wear uniform. No, more?" What should I wear?!?" Or?" Does this make me look fat?" And even?" I hope I look the best." I mean I wont have to worry about it anymore because guess what? It's not like I had a choice in the first place. And I do disagree with the whole it takes away from your individuality, because I've seen video's all over the internet of teens 'spicing' up their school uniforms, by adding cute belts, jewelry here, and there. Just as well as a choice in shoes. Your style isn't only focused on your clothing, it may also be your personality, or the way you do your hair, maybe even your make-up. So for someone to say it takes away individuality is wrong. And no it wont stop bullying but for students who cant afford nice clothing wont have to worry about standing out among their peers. So yeah, that's my intake on it.

  • It helps you in many different ways.

    In class, we had a huge debate on this topic, and my team won because there are so many reasons why you should wear a school uniform. Firstly, it prevents you from being bullied. Secondly, when everyone in school wears the same thing, everyone is equal. And, most important of all, when you wear a school uniform you can be yourself without feeling worried about being picked on because of your clothing.

  • Absolutely! School Uniforms are a GREAT way to go!

    Students will not be bullied as much for what they wear and they will all look the same. Students will also not have to worry about how they look because all the students will look identical. Even though kids might not like to wear uniforms it will provide a environment where everyone looks the same and no child will be made fun of for their clothing.

  • This is ridiculous.

    Honestly, people here are saying that uniforms don't save you money, but they do. Think about it, trends are for short periods of time, so when one trend ends, you have to follow a new one, if you follow trends anyway.. But with a uniform, they last years! I've had my uniform for three years so far, I'm still waiting for it to get ruined! In my primary school, we had uniforms also and I had the same uniform for about four or five years, yes, it sounds disgusting, but I washed it everyday. It didn't fade, didn't rip, in fact, I could still wear it now! So please, before you say that uniforms cost more than casual clothes, think about the long term value. Thank you :)

  • School Uniforms are Great Nathan

    I think school uniforms are awesome because they resemble your school and make you proud of it and is a sign of unity and harmony throughout the school. The good side about school uniform is that people won't insult your clothes because if their insulting you they might as well be insulting themselves as they are wearing the same clothes as you. If everyone were wearing casual clothes some people would be bullied and teased for wearing scruffy clothes or for not following the trend. During classes and tests the attractive clothes might cause some students to feel hard to focus and might cause them to fail their test or they won't perform as well as their regular standards. Some people might say school uniform are cheaper than casual clothes but I don't think so, sometimes school uniforms might cost a lot, but they last a few years. You could probably buy 2 sets of uniform and they might last around 3 years. Casual clothes are cheaper for one set but you have to buy more to keep up with the which last around 6 months. In the end maybe a uniform may cost more but with all the casual clothes you bought uniforms will be cheaper.

  • i support the eople that say no

    I say no because if the teacher dont have to wear uniform i say the student should'nt. if the teacher can come in anything the student should to. so i agree with the 55% that say no and i disagree with the 45%. this uniform stuff is just crazy it dont make no sense.

  • You can wear what ever you like

    Clothing is one of the few ways kids can express themselves. Many parents won't let their kids do different things with their hair so clothing is the only chance they get. It is harder for people to start conversations because you can bring up something they are where like a band shirt. Since everyone is wearing the right thing you can't really compliment people anymore. Uniforms make it harder to relate to someone. Where I'm from you can't tell who is weearing the off brand of clothing. Most people don't really care either. Many times you can have the most expensive clothes and still be an outcast.
    The best way to express yourself is through your clothes. If you wear a collared shirt and a tie to school, you show that you are more grown up, and possibly want to go into bussiness. If you wear athletic wear, you show that you are into sports. If you wear all black you show sadness. If you wear bright colors, you show excitement. The list goes on and on. You can tell people who you are, what you feel, and maybe even what you are thinking, simply through your clothes. School uniforms completely eliminate this form of self expression. Who wants to eliminate a form of self expression?
    Students should not he required to wear uniforms. It is a way of expressing yourself , not to harm others . Your feelings come out by what you wear. If you like to wear black your are expressing sadness, if you wear flowers you are expressing happiness. It's not a bad thing to wear what you feel wear it.
    I am 16 and a senior in high school and have had uniform since kindergarten. Obviously, the idea that uniform is necessary comes from the contrived idea that students who dress together can also move forward education-wise at the same level. This is not true. Students with uniform don't have any more discipline than students without. There is still gang-related activity, there is still sexually promiscuity, and there is still bullying. British schoolchildren have had uniform for centuries and they have long since made bullying a fine art. Kids can dress the same as someone else but uniform doesn't affect weight, hair, skin, intelligence, attitude, voice or height. Kids still don't focus in school and still drop out, even if they've had uniform from the start. The only thing uniform has done for me is to shrink my wardrobe to a pathetic size. Style is not expensive. Fashion is. If you have a very small budget for clothing you can still dress fantastically. And dress-down days often coincide with other special school-wide events, the uniform is not to blame for their excitability the event is. And the idea of clothing after the 19th century was to express yourself, many students (including myself) feel stifled and trapped by a uniform. Does uniform remind you of anything? Perhaps prison or the original China-fearing vision of communism? Yeah, you get my point, uniform doesn't help anyone, it just turns us into future corporate drones.
    This reminds me of something. Its like when cops are too busy arresting people for not putting on their seatbelts when there are actual crimes happening out there! Teachers are too busy giving detentions to people who don't have their shirts tucked in or have their hair too long or whatever stupid rule they decided to add to the dress code when there are people cutting cland stuff! Other reasons why uniforms are stupid are: 1. People are saying that it is cost effiecient, but you still have to buy the super expensive uniform and clothes for after school and weekends. 2. People also say that it will stop bullying about looks. People who say this are obviously just not right in the head. Looks arent just about clothes, they are about your face, size, hair, and weight too. Also, I knew a girl who could critisize people's clothes even with uniforms. 3. I don't see what's "proper" (god I hate that word) about my school uniforms, which look like a sailor suit mixed with an old lady's nightgown. 4. True, schools are where the world's future doctors, lawyers, bankers, and accountants are taught, but it is also where the world's future musicians, artists, inventors, and actors are taught. You must have creativity to do these jobs, something uniforms are against. 5. All those idiots who think uniforms will help notice invaders are just plain wrong. Someone who wants to invade the school could just buy a uniform. Simple as that.

  • You are what you wear.

    The best way to express yourself is through your clothes. If you wear a collared shirt and a tie to school, you show that you are more grown up, and possibly want to go into bussiness. If you wear athletic wear, you show that you are into sports. If you wear all black you show sadness. If you wear bright colors, you show excitement. The list goes on and on. You can tell people who you are, what you feel, and maybe even what you are thinking, simply through your clothes. School uniforms completely eliminate this form of self expression. Who wants to eliminate a form of self expression?

  • no way

    Student should not wear school uniform because some families can't afford the money to buy school uniform and on top of that they also have to buy clothes for their children to wear when they are not in school.We shouldn't wear school uniform either because it doesn't give us a chance to express ourselves

  • Students should be allowed to express themselves.

    Uniforms do not allow students to express themselves by wearing the clothes that students decide. Also, the cost of school uniforms is too high. Parents do not want to pay $15 to $20 on uniforms. People think uniforms are lame. Also, people think that uniforms are better because students may come to school wearing inappropriate clothing, but that's how students express themselves.

  • Uniforms negatively affect the freedom of students.

    Uniforms should not be required because we need to give our children the freedom to wear what they want. The majority of students will benefit from having no uniforms, so we should focus on the majority, and not the minority. When did we stop thinking about the greater good? Additionally, school is not a job, so we should not compare uniforms at school to those select jobs that require uniforms as part of the job.

  • We hate uniforms.

    We should not have uniforms at all. Uniforms are not that comfortable. Some times it is too expensive for clothes or uniforms. It is very plain and it isn't unique. The uniform is somewhat boring and it doesn't have much pattern. The uniform seems useless it just resembles your school.

  • Students should be comfortable in what they wear

    Some students these days get sore feet from wearing heavy, hard-soled shoes which usually cause pain around the ankle and the heel of their feet. Some children may not be too confident that their body is like others, and tend to hide their bodies using non-uniform clothing. That makes teachers tell them to take it off. Then they are mocked about their bodies.

  • No for uniforms

    Uniforms do not let people express themselves. Plus I have experience with the uniforms and I know they are uncomfortable. I couldn't sit in my seat without getting sweaty and itchy. Its like wearing a tux every day. Lastly they could be a wall to the path to learning. Think about it if your uncomfortable you won't be learning as effectively as if your comfortable.That Is why no school should wear uniforms.

  • if kids wear what they want, they will feel free.

    Lots of my classmates say no and if it gets put in the lost and found, someone else could take because they look the same. When people wear different clothes, people won't get mixed up about the clothes. Also, kids feel free wearing their own clothes because with uniforms, it feels boring wearing the same clothes to school.

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st.bernardM says2013-02-19T15:33:47.377
True but If you have ever been in middle school you would understand how they have little clicks and if you wear what you want you would stand out from that.
Anonymous says2013-03-06T12:03:34.540
I belive uniform's help people to express there simalartity's.
Anonymous says2013-03-11T01:10:15.300
I think that school uniforms are a must because if someone doesn't where highly labelled clothes like globe or Nike they would get picked on
Anonymous says2013-03-20T19:21:17.710
i think they shouldn't because they have the right to wear what they want
Anonymous says2013-04-06T23:07:27.940
Yes,and no,i said yes because that prevents no bulling to occur.I said no because not wereing uniforms shows out your expression.
Anonymous says2013-04-07T21:14:12.167
I am from a school that doesn't have uniforms, but i think we should because it reduces bullying and prevents exclusion. It's also harder to judge someone by their looks if they are wearing the same clothes as you. Wearing a uniform shows pride and unity for your school, kids feel like they are part of something when they wear uniforms. If kids want to make their uniform unique they can always at belts or scarfs and wear jewelry to make ti their own. If every school had to have uniforms companies could make skirts and different styles of clothing. We could even have a few different colours.
Anonymous says2013-04-09T20:59:42.097
Some people believe that wearing a uniform has many benefits. However the reality is that the uniform has not use but a source of profit. Below are some of the so called "purposes" of a uniform:

"IT PREVENTS BULLYING": I go to an uniform school and let me tell you, there is just as much bullying! Just because your wearing the same clothes as everyone else does not mean people cant bully you for your appearance. Many people in schools are still bullied for their hair, body, facial features, etc. Lets admit it, bullying is a huge problem that cant be prevented simply by wearing the same clothes.

"IT PROMOTES EQUALITY": Wearing the same clothes does not eliminate cliques. Uniform schools still have the so called "cool kids", and the so called "nerds".

"IT SAVES YOU MONEY": This one may vary, but in general, uniforms are awfully expensive. Most people I know would not purchase a kilt for $80, or dress pants for $60, or a simple polo for $40. I could purchase at least two regular clothing items for the price of one uniform clothing item. And besides, extremely few people wear their uniform outside of school, which ends up wasting even more money, as you now need to have two sets of wardrobes - your school clothes, and regular clothes.

"IT PROMOTES SCHOOL PRIDE": The vast majority of a school's population usually dreads the uniform. How is it promoting school pride if students despise the thought of wearing the uniform. Besides, there are several other ways to promote school spirit. Simply attending school, and being happy to be there is an act of school pride in itself.

"STUDENTS WONT WORRY ABOUT WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE": If wearing an uniform will make students not care about what they look like, then why do so many students despise the uniform? I personally believe that an uniform lowers some students self esteem even more - it certainly lowers mine. By having to wear an uniform students are unable to wear clothes that suit their body type, or make them feel confident. I always hear students complains that the uniform makes them look "this" and "that". My uniform makes me feel uncomfortable as they are sometimes ill fitting to my body, or shorter than I would like them to be.

“IT WILL HELP INDETIFY INTRUDERS”: If someone really intended to intrude a school, how hard could it be to attain a uniform? They could pose as a student or a parent and purchase one. Or they could just find something similar. It’s not very hard to find a navy or white polo and dress pants.

In conclusion, I feel that the uniform serves absolutely no purpose, and I fail to understand why it is still used in schools today. Aren't we always taught to embrace individuality? How do we that when we are forced to all look the same?

Anonymous says2013-05-06T20:02:31.290
High school students should not have to wera a schhol uniform in high school because high school is a time when children are becoming adults. So how are childrebn going to know how to be an adult if they have to live by a dress code????????
Anonymous says2013-08-25T23:53:04.780
We should wear uniforms