Should schools require their students to wear uniforms?

  • Uniforms Create A Neutral Environment

    I believe the case is strong for uniforms in schools, especially public schools, where I would like to see uniforms implemented. I believe uniforms foster a more neutral environment and help children feel more professional in their studies. I think eliminating the variety of clothing stops children from judging each other on their clothing and allows them to associate with their classmates without making as many judgements.

  • Uniforms lowers bullying

    Yes. Bullying is a major issue in schools today. One of the points that bullies use are clothes. Some parents are not able to buy the name brand clothes or even new clothes, so they do not fit in. Bullying over clothes can be eliminated or at least lessened by requiring students to wear uniforms.

  • Uniforms eliminate a lot of problems.

    I think that It good for students to wear uniforms. Uniforms are old-fashioned, and today’s kids
    could use some of that old-fashioned teaching.
    Kids go to school to learn, not for a fashion show. Children in uniforms are less distracted by
    clothes and accessories and have less difficulty focusing on their schoolwork.

  • Why Uniforms, I Ask.

    There are many schools that have their students wear a uniform, vest, or other type of standard clothing. Some people argue that uniforms aren’t necessary to be worn. I argue that students shouldn’t have to wear uniforms because it goes against each person's uniqueness. I don't think students should wear uniforms.

  • They are not helpful

    I am currently a student and school uniforms are pricy and we only wear the, for a certain amount of time. So my parents waste their money for something unsubstantial and utterly pointless. I'm a sophomore in highschool and yes it helps with the bullying of clothing but bullies will always find something to hate on such as the student them self, their hair, race, or the way they act or speak. They are a waste of money and time

  • We should have dress codes, not uniforms!

    Uniforms may change some things, but not all. It can cause tension between the teachers and students due to the heightened authority given to the teachers. Students will be more rebellious. It also can be ridiculous how they check the uniform. It can sometimes even seem as if making sure socks are at least 4 inches high and the shirts are FULLY tucked in are 10x more important than having an education! And it does not solve bullying. Bullying is everywhere, in both public and private schools. And it even heightens bullying outside of school, especially since public school kids and other people will pick on the uniforms too. Costs are ridiculous too. You just got in this awesome educated yet expensive private school, now you have to spend even more on uniforms! We need education, not uniforms! As a compromise, I say we have a light dress code (no piercings. No dyed hair, no gang stuff, no exposing clothes, etc.) people should work on this code instead of "the fabulous new uniform designs!" I pity the poor kids who had to model those ugly uniforms on the flyers!!!!

  • Uniforms are pointless

    Not only is it too old fashioned but uniforms are just as expensive and you can be made fun of for wearing raggedy or bad fitting uniforms. Uniforms make us feel controlled and it makes us hate school more because we don't even have the freedom to wear what we want. To make school feel better than how we feel about we should have more freedom including dressing how we want, in schools that have strict dress codes the students happen to be more rebellious and its not a coincidence.

  • No they should not.

    Schools should not require their students to wear uniforms. The uniforms cause more issues than they do good. It makes it so the parents have to stress out making sure their kid is dressed perfectly for school than the kid gets in trouble or detention if he is missing a belt.

  • Uniforms are no good.

    I think that making kids wear uniforms while they go to school is just a fruitless exercise in flaunting power of their charges. Wearing a uniform doesn't really benefit the kids in any way. As long as what they wear isn't lewd or distracting, let them wear what they want.

  • No, it should not be necessary for students to wear uniforms

    I disagree that students should be required to wear uniforms. Often schools say they want to students to wear uniforms because it will reduce bullying based on appearance and it will be less expensive. The fact is, students are going to find some reason to bully one another no matter what, it is the schools job to actually intervene and communicate with the bullies and their victims. Furthermore, choosing their own clothing is a fun form of self expression that students should not be deprived of.

  • No they should not

    Because students should be able to express themselves with what they wear. If you take that away you are taking away a little bit of their freedom that they should be able to enjoy. Also this will make the kids think that they have to look like everyone else. Is that what you really want for your kids.

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