• It depends on the situation

    It depends if the student is willing if he or she is not willing then don't this doesn't mean they don't have anything to hide it means that don't want someone going through their stuff and schools shouldn't have permission to just go through there students stuff for no reason at all

  • Please do so

    Even though I'm going to have lockers next year, I certainly agree for the school staff to check the school lockers. And not just one person, but maybe six. What if a kid is hiding a weapon, like a gun? What about drugs? I'm a girl, and I hope they'll be okay when I keep a kit in there just in case my, you know, comes.

  • Schools SHOULD search kids lockers

    Because what if the child is smuggling a gun or some sort of weapon? That would not be good. If the school doesn't check students lockers and there is a weapon or some sort of illegal substance such as drugs inside of their locker, that would not be good because kids could keep their weapons or drugs inside of their lockers without anyone knowing. Kids could sell their drugs to kids and that is not good at all. Also, if a kid brings out one of their weapons such as a gun to show their friends, they could accidentally pull the trigger and someone could become injured out of no where at any time or place. That is why schools SHOULD search kids lockers.

  • School should search lockers.

    From my own personal experience as a student, I know that very dangerous things can be stashed in lockers. The lockers are also the school's property, as they are inside the building, and therefore the school should have the right to search the locker any time that they feel it is necessary.

  • Unnecessary! Why would you do this!?

    Why would you allow schools to check my kids lockers you pieces of S***! That is unnecessary and should not be allowed at any school. Children need privacy because if you are stalkers to them, they will not want to go to school! This is a bunch of god damne* bull S***!!!!

  • Lack of trust

    If schools search kids lockers, kids feel like they are being punished for no reason. Even with the best intentions, if a teacher finds a kid's personal postcards and/or their diary, the trust between the kid and the teacher is destroyed, even with the best intentions. Also, if the school does not send notifications, costly legal battles may occur.

  • That is rude

    Children should have a right to privacy as well as anyone else son. Besides teachers would not enjoy their private quaters valdalized for some petty, petty, petty little reason as such as the school bully stole some nerd's lunch money or some jocks hit a weakling with some towels no way.

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