• Schools should sell condoms

    Although the opposing side states how selling condoms will promote sex, it is still considered to be safe sex. If they want pleasure, they would have to purchase them from some main office, making the teen slightly nervous to purchase, and rethinking their decision.

    Or, as an alternative, give free condoms to students. And no. Not the bad quality ones. This is where our tax money should be going.

  • They should sell comdoms

    If they sell condome, then we will be able to fuck and not have children or stds. We need to be happy and not have consequence. That's there life if they chose not to have sex then don't if we want to have sex we can and the school will promote safe sex if the give out condoms

  • They should sell condoms.

    It's proven in many research studies that contraceptives are always the best way to reduce teen pregnancy. If it is made out to be less of a taboo and is openly available by schools and other facilities, they would not feel the need to sneak around and would be more likely to use protection, preventing unwanted pregnancies and STD spread.

  • I'm Quazyy and school should not sell condoms

    There should be no ccondoms giving out or sold. That's just encouraging kids to do so and have sex.The just like saying kids can have sex just use A condom and if the condom breaks it's your fault for letting them. Most kids have no idea what sex even is.

  • Most certainly not.

    When schools sell condoms, all it does is say "As long as you use this, which is school approved, have all the sex you want!". In reality, that would be a horrible way to reduce teen pregnancy. This needs to be discussed with the child's parents, not the public school system.

  • Schools should not sell condoms.

    Schools should not sell condoms, but should be giving condoms away. It is a small expense to keep our children safe and encourage them to be responsible. Schools should make condoms available and also encourage the use of other forms of birth control, as well as encouraging preventative care such as the HPV vaccine.

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