• Its A Free Country

    Kids should be able to buy what they want. We should have the same freedom as adults. Not all junk food is bad even though it helps you stay up in the morning and be happy. If they do start to sell fruits more kids wont buy the food. If they start to sell healthy things kids wont be happy then they might even go on strike

  • Not all junk food is unhealthy!

    Not all junk food is unhealthy for you! For example sugar and salt are VITAL to one's health. They provide strength and resistance. Also, junk food is not unhealthy if you only eat small amounts of it. The opposition states that you shouldn't eat too much junk food. But, the topic is stating that junk food should not be sold at school no matter what. All students have common sense as their parents have told them that junk food is may be unhealthy. They will not buy too much as they will know when to stop. So it is clear, schools SHOULD sell junk food.

  • The real definition of junk food!

    When everyone defines junk food, they think of candy and soda. That is not the real definition of "junk" food! Junk food is anything with high calories and little nutrition. Many schools serve pizza, cheeseburgers, and chicken fingers for lunch. Well, that is junk food also! Banning junk food from school would be banning all of the things, that most kids ate for lunch today. Yes, the lunches have some nutrition, but it doesn't make it better. Obesity is always blamed on junk food, but there is many different things that factor into it! The lack of exercise is one! Anything will be bad for you if you eat to much, and you get little exercise!

  • Yes, it helps you be awake.

    Kids will wake up in the morning with junk food, they can be all tired and miserable that sugar will help you keep awake with a sugar rush. Schools can sell cereals like Froot Loops that are full of sugar in the morning so they can be awake and ready to learn.

  • This is America

    If its not your child, you should mind your own business.I agree that healthy options should always be available, but these are kids!!If the parents are wise they will teach them what they need to know unless they are negligent, then parenting should'nt be available to them.Unless the child is being harmed, back the heck off.

  • Candy as encouragement

    I think kids should be sold candies or a can of soda. Sure, it may be unhealthy, but scientific backup proves that a little piece of candy or can of soda a day may actually be good for the body. Kids need encouragement when teachers and guardians aren't around. But I'm not saying go shove candy and sweets into kid's faces, im just saying a can of soda from a teacher once in a while isn't bad.

  • Junk food

    I personally believe that schools should have to right to sell and kids should have the right to buy junk food during lunch. It's not like they are eating a lot of it or they are spending their whole allowance on junk food. Sometimes kids need sugar to keep them awake in school and function better.

  • We should sell junk food.

    If kids get obese from the school's snacks it is not the school's fault, it is the kid's fault for eating all that food. Even at my school there are cookies for sale but you can only buy two at a time. I mean, it could be the school's fault, but I don't think it is.

  • We should have our freedom!

    The kids will get a hold of these foods anyway, so why not? It's ridiculous to not sell it. The more you try to take them away the more they're going to want it. Making it available to them all of the time will lessen the temptation since they will see it all day everyday. So knock off the nonsense!

  • Unhealthy food in schools.

    In the canteen, we need to have a healthy meal that tastes good, looks good and smells good. Healthy food doesn’t have to be greens; it should have meat as well. In fact, just veggies can be very bad for you. Anything in large quantities can be bad for you so everything in moderation is a good rule.

  • Candy, not so dandy..

    Junk food is bad for you, meaning death. You can die from obesity, too! You can die from eating too many skittles. "Taste the rainbow," is not very accurate. As it turns out Candy is not so Dandy. Junk food can lead to all kind of diseases, and some can just make you downright Hyper in class. So schools should not sell candy. For money? Nope, a child's health is more important than cash. For happiness? How can you be happy when obese, tell me, how? Freedom of choice? You have a choice to be healthy. In all, 'Nutrition' should have a meaning in schools. It shouldn't be selling candy, chips, and cup o' noodles. More of apples and other fruits.


    There's an "obesity epidemic" and people want to just hand kids junk food right in front of their faces?! Kids hardly get enough exercise these days, so how are they to burn off this excess junk? School is a place to be taught, meaning they should also be taught what healthy is. Children should be being sold vegetables, fruit, diary and meat & alternative foods... Things that are all natural! Chances are, they have some sort of junk food at home, whether it be chips, chocolate or gummies... So they can eat that at home, and stay healthy at school at least. Children's brain also need to function properly while at school; SO FEED THEM PROPERLY. Not with super sugary, salty and fatty treats.

  • Junk food is BAD!?!?!?!?!????!!!!!?!

    The average kid spends most of his or her time at school and why feed them food that lacks nutrition. Schools aren't soposed to make kids fat and un-healthy they are soposed to teach them things. What does junk food do good for all it does is make kids fat. I think they should make it a rule to make sure kids get like a apple of a fruit

  • No. They need to learn good nutritional choices.

    When it comes to adults, people should be able to make their own food choices (and deal with the consequences of them) but kids haven't been taught everything needed to make responsible decisions yet. Putting junk food out there for them just creates a temptation to eat unhealthily when it's a time in their lives when healthy eating habits should really be what they're exposed to.

  • Healthy lives.. Healthy people...

    I believe that schools should be allowed to sell junk food. Beyond school, out in the world, children are exposed to junk food at every moment. From driving down the road and seeing signs and billboards, to television commercials, children are bombarded with visions of junk food every single day. Schools should include junk food, but limit how much can be sold. Furthermore, students should be instructed on healthy eating habits and diets. That way, they can make smart, informed decisions regarding eating healthy or not. Because, later on in life, children will have to choose how they want to eat. It's best to expose them to some junk food, inform them about which choice (healthy or junk) is best for them, and let the students decide for themselves

  • I absolutely believe the canteen should not sell junk food because students will get sick!

    Eating too much junk food may cause various illness such as stomach aches , diabetes,diarrhea etc.Moreover this may cause addiction.This may also be bad because if you eat too much junk food, the results you will get are tooth aches, dental issues etc. Instead you can live a healthier, easier lifestyle

  • What is WRONG with people these days???

    I'm sick of people rationalizing it as "OK", or it's the parent's responsibility not the respective school's to look out for the kids. Of course it is the parent's job, but look how things are, and have been falling apart at the basic family level. Schools are supposed to be there to EDUCATE, not meet other agendas like making some extra cash peddling garbage which ANY semi-intelligent person, or supposed nutrition-conscious consumer sees as an early start of a life rife with a multitude of health problems which are likely to cost the general population much, much more at a later time in terms of health problems which most people cannot afford anyways, WAKE UP PEOPLE, look at the obesity rates for this country. EVERYONE is bombarded with negative information/imagery and who is most susceptible? Young, highly-impressionable youth that form patterns of behavior at an early age and who do not see things at a typical adult level (not that ALL adults are overly bright) The last place kids need more negative messages is in school, where they are SUPPOSED to be to learn and be guided by educated adults, not just to learn how to be a consumer. If this legalized poison is allowed to be pushed by school policy then what's next? Narcotics? HEY...If it pays the bills (the bloated salaries of many teachers and administrators) then why the hell not? Saying it's okay for this type of activity to be propagated by institutions originally intended to help produce thinking, productive members of our society because it is allowed everywhere else is convoluted thinking. Sorry for the tirade, but I feel this is just another example of the greater good being ran over for the convenience and ease of shortsighted people, and by enacting bans on junk food at least the school (school board, admin & teachers) can say they at least made the effort.

  • Obesity, hyper, and addiction.

    I strongly believe that school should not sell chips, candies, and sugary drinks. I know that schools are raising money, but why sell junks? Replace chips with baked potatoes, replace candies with dried fruits and cereal bar, replace sugary drinks with fruit cups, flavored water and one hundred percent juice. Isn't that an fantastic idea? Students buy product with less sugar and salt, and schools earn money! Bam, what a great, and healthy deal!

  • Obesity, hyper, and addiction.

    I strongly believe that school should not sell chips, candies, and sugary drinks. I know that schools are raising money, but why sell junks? Replace chips with baked potatoes, replace candies with dried fruits and cereal bar, replace sugary drinks with fruit cups, flavored water and one hundred percent juice. Isn't that an fantastic idea? Students buy product with less sugar and salt, and schools earn money! Bam, what a great, and healthy deal!

  • Schools should promote healthy eating

    I think that schools should be promoting healthy eating to kids so when they are older they don't get obese. Some people think that kids can eat junk food and it doesn't matter because they are young, but the truth is they will get into a habit of eating jusk food so when they are older they will become very unhealthy and might get Diabetes or something.

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