• Sweet Snacks Should be at School

    I think that kids should have Sweet snacks because it keeps them energized and full for the rest of the day. It also raises money for the school to buy more things and supplies for the school . It also would be good because some of the food is healthy and delicious

  • It could help schools raise money for other stuff.

    It could help the students in the schools so they can get better computers or desks and they could maybe also get some awesome new chairs so the chairs won't keep breaking and so they have extra. It could also-help with a lot of the funding's for the school and other stuff.

  • Sweets should be sold in schools

    Because the kids will get sweets at another time. If the school does not sell sweets they are not totally stopping the option of eating them. When students get home they could go to the store to buy them or they could have easy access to them at school. The school could also earn money for parties or something fun or supplies. It is only a positive posibility.

  • Sugar is sweet and a treat

    It should be sold at schools but not all the time. Maybe on Fridays instead of every day. The sweets that should be sold: Gluten free cake, meringue with fruit, mini candy canes and ice cream. Children also must not eat too much, as sugar can cause rotten teeth definitely.

  • Sugar does NOT cause "sugar rush"

    Scientists have found that there is NO EVIDENCE that sugar intake makes healthy people more active.
    Kids will still end up eating sweets in later life so it would be good to sell sweets AND teach kids about nutrition.
    Plus, some school lunches (for example pepperoni pizza, beef and cheese nachos) are high calorie and high saturated fat. If schools want to remove sweets, they should fix their menus too.

  • Sell sweet food

    They should sell sweet food because without it no one wants school food they just want to bring lunch boxes the schools sell the same food throughout the year and everyone gets tired of it and maybe someday it will get to the point when people only eat food from home

  • Schools should sell candy!

    Because my school sells em some times but it's expensive for a candy bar if they were to sell it cheaper then more kids will buy the candy more often.And it helps the kids get more energy for school. It will also make kids work harder at chores for money to buy the candy which can teach them responsibility.

  • Of course they should be sold.

    At my school, last year the 6th graders sold doughnuts every Tuesday, no more than one per person. They sold them to raise money for the 6th graders so they could go to 6th grade camp. As I stated earlier, it was only every Tuesday. I am absolutely positive that sweets should be sold at school.

  • Sweets should be sold

    Sweet snacks should be sold at schools because it gives children a boost to stay awake the whole of the school day. It also. Gives the children a treat after all the school work. If the children get hyper they would stay awake and do great in PE. My school sells sweets without nuts so that children don't get allergic and none of the children get hyper. I personally think that sweets should be only given to children in Y7 and above.

  • No way nah uh

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  • Its not right!!! Sugar rushes are the main problem!!!

    Kids can go through a sugar rush. Causing the brain to act and send out commands that the body can´t follow up. Thus, The body becomes slow and sluggish. Making the ability in class to concentrate harder. Soon kids will miss important clues. And as a result, grades will begin dropping

  • This would be terrible!

    Selling candy at school would help school funding, but if there was something they could sell besides candy such as fruit or veggies, that would ensure that kids have a proper diet and it also can help in school fundings or and activities that are not paid for by the school.

  • They shall not be sold because they are very bad for health

    Americas biggest problem is already being obese. Adding candy and fat foods makes it even more wide spread. It would be okay to sell fruits or water/gatorade for after school sports. Candies can make you sick if you get to hyper and teachers already have enough stress. In conclusion, adding candy and fat foods to "raise money" is a terrible idea. Just have fundraisers if you need more money!

  • Oh my gosh no way

    This would be one of the worst things schools could do. These candies contain so many chemicals that make it difficult for students, to concentrate, pay attention, remember and learn. These same chemicals also produce problems with hyperactivity, behaviour,problems, aggression and defiance and have been known to flare up conditions such as Asthma, epilepsy, excma and hay fever. So if the teachers want to make their job harder, give the kids candy.

  • No it should not.

    Sweet snacks should not be sold, (I mean unhealthy snacks: fruits are absolutely fine), because they only give short bursts of unstained energy, harm a student's ability to perform, and harm a student's overall health. Also, habits are formed from a young age. If a child is given access to these unhealthy foods from a young age, they will continue their unhealthy habits well into adulthood, which could eventually become fatal. Healthy eating habits should be learned from a young age, and monitored especially in school.

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