• For High Schools Only

    High school students need more sleep than elementary and middle school kids. They should as well push for later start time for high school students. Middle schools and high schools should start the same time at 8:15 when the first bell rings at 8:10. Elementary schools should start earlier, Just 5 minutes later.

  • Science shows students are more concentrated after 10:00

    I understand this is not stating school should start at 10, But scientific studies have proven students are more awake and concentrated after 10:00. Imagine taking a test at 8:30 in the morning, Vs. At 10:00. You would be much more awake and more ready to take the test at 10, Rather than 8:80.

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  • It is good to start early

    You will have more time to eat breakfast while talking
    With your family without any rushand also if we start early
    Students will rush to their school and not enough
    Time to eat breakfast and when studrnt rush off to their
    School they will have anxiety and will be sweaty and will be
    Uncomfortable when school starts

    Posted by: Aniq
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