• Yes school should start later

    Students are extremely stressed in the morning and are rushing to get to school on time! That way they don't have a good breakfast they don't have time to review their studies and they get to school tired and depressed! Sometimes even with all that they are still late! If school would start 45 min later and end 45 min later all that could be stopped! Students would get more sleep, would have a good breakfast, would have time to review their studies thus getting better marks and they would even be less depressed! Just shifting the school time by 45 min would make a huge difference and solve countless problems!! I believe that all schools who are not already starting at 9:00 should make the change today!!

  • I honestly agree. I am not saying that we have to start at like noon but at least like 9:00 A.M

    I am a high school student who has troubles staying awake through class in the morning because school starts so early. I think it would be healthier for the students because they will be getting more sleep and your mood is greatly affected by the amount of sleep you get.

  • Yes, better for concentration levels

    This concentration is also beneficial when it comes to exams. The average teenager needs around 9.5 hours of sleep per night. Yet studies show that teenagers generally get an average of 7.4 hours a night. Teenagers should have longer to wake up and prepare for school properly. Also the concentration levels would increase.

  • Health is important too

    Waking up too early can cause people who stay up late doing homework tired in the morning. We should go to school to learn instead of thinking of sleep. Some people even skip breakfast because of the need to get to school in time. If students are worried about needing to sleep or being hungry in the morning, they can not concentrate on what is important. If school starts later, students may also have more time to finish homework that they did not complete because they were too tired at night from a lack of sleep and too much homework.

  • Of course it should

    I have observed my sister in high school. She sleeps at about 3 o'clock and wakes up at 7'oclock that is only 4 hours of sleep. If her school started later and ended a little later she would be ready to learn and not ready to fall asleep in class.

  • Yes, of course!

    I am actually doing a speech supporting this. Some of our points were with more sleep we can focus. Starting school later has been proven to raise standardized test scores. Many teens are sleep deprived and could user that extra hour of sleep. This could be very beneficial to kids across the nation.

  • It would help students bring up their grade

    With extra sleep students will be able to concentrate more. With extra sleep their wont be as many students falling asleep in class. When students get their sleep they will bring up their grades while being more focused on what they need to to do to succeed in their classes.

  • Duh bruh !

    School has an essential play in life most students have to drive to school causing 30% of accidents a year. Since our school is at a horrible intersection then crashes happen very frequently. To add on the 60% of students being sick is when they're out waiting for the bus or on their way to school and back. Also to add on more sleep= a better attitude and grades for students and staff. Most students get only 7 hours of sleep or less doing highschool homework then for their afterschool activites. Its too much and if we had some time we could change it to sports being in the early morning and school starting after since it looks like thats all u guys want right. Its one way or another sports are only a minor thing in life only 1% of students per school go to big sport colleges ect.

  • Yes schools should start later

    I am 13 years old and attend middle school. My school starts at 7:30 Am I rarely get enough sleep and when I do its when I sleep pass my alarm. Most of the time I don't eat breakfast because I am rushing myself worried that I will leave something behind. People try to make suggestions on going to bed earlier or wake up later but once I get to school I am ready to fall asleep, I talk to my friends and they agree too. And the thing that tops it all of is the fact that most of my teachers are rude and don't care. I would appreciate is my school started at 8:45-9:00

  • School is stupid

    I would finaly have a free after noon. Where i could do what ever. I wish school whould start at 10 so i could do sports before school and not have to worry about i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i

  • Teem complain about everything

    If they needed more sleep then they could go to bed earlier instead of parting or watching t.v. if teens got everything changed that they wanted they would never sleep. They would have no rules and their parents wouldn't even be on earth. Just because some students cant get their lazy buts out of bed doesn't mean that we should change the whole system. I say keep it the way it is! This may be surprising to you but i'm only a 13 year old girl who is against the idea of starting school later.

  • There's no point in starting later.

    Most teenagers ranging from 15+ years old only need about 7 hours of sleep. If you can manage to get more sleep at night, then you should be set. Just because a couple of students can't manage to wake up and be ready to start their day when told doesn't mean the whole school should just move up their start times.

  • No way jose

    If you start late, you end late. If the student has after school activities, they would get in the way. Every middle school should get out at 2;30 and start at 7;40, its a true fact JACK! Oh By the way i live in the ocean and im a purple octopus

  • No

    School is fine the way it is. If you went later that would put kids that are in sports home later and they would be missing supper times, homework time, and family time. There is no reason to start later. People have to get up and go to work early all the time. No reason kids can't do that in school

  • It would be a shorter school day.

    Since the school day is shorter, the students would learn less. If the don't learn a lot as kids they won't grow up and get good jobs. It would also eventually make kids tell their parents that they could stay up later because the school day starts later. My last reason is because the kids might not want to go to school later.

  • It would cut in to dinner time

    Kids would get home at 5:00 and that gives only one hour the cook and if your cooking ribs you can't eat it till the very next day and it would still be cold. So no one would eat it so all you can do is cook something different that day.

  • Really it would still be the same

    The fact of starting school late will make especially teens want to make advantage of it. They will start partying or do anything except to study until midnight or later. Also in the real world you are expected to come to work early. So if you sleep late you can't just go to your boss complaining that you didn't get enough sleep. Most teens would go to sleep to the classroom thinking that they can do it later and it won't have any effect to them that they are sleeping in class. Well in the real world it's not the same. If you go a to sleep during work your boss would eventually catch you and fire you. And if he catches you not working, you won't receive your paycheck and you need money to sustain yourself

  • Get Used To It!

    More than likely a student will end up with a job that is from 8-5, Why complain when you can just go to bed a little bit earlier and get up at a normal time. Also why should I have to disrupt my schedule for someone who doesn't even care about school???

  • No, thank you

    I'd rather not be at softball practice till eight at night when it is pitch black because some people have a problem with getting up at six in the morning because they go to bed at midnight. I am a college student and I have woken up at five in the morning for years without a problem because I don't wait for the A.M. To go to bed. L

  • The lesson would have an effect if school starting times stay the same.

    The best way to learn a lesson is not always the best. So in this case teens would take advantage of the fact that school starts late and loiter around till midnight. Then the next day the teens would complain to start school even later. And they will take advantage of that. It just goes on forever!

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