• School sucks anyways

    So why dont we just cancel it all together? That way, you can sleep in, or you can get up early and do whatever you need to do. You can take online classes, or just not do school altogether. I think thats a good idea. Ten points to Gryffindor. Take that, malfoy!

  • School should start at 10:00 in the morning.

    There have been studies that brains fully work at 10:00 in the morning. If we start early, we will be like zombies walking to school because our brains don't function properly and we we're half awake. If school start at 10:00 and end at 6:00, then students will be more energized.

  • We need more sleep

    Yes school should start later mine starts at 7:45am! Thats way to early to learn! Im half asleep in 1st period and others are asleep. Its to dark in the morning when I go out to the bus. I should be able to see down the street when im crossing the street.

  • Yes it should

    We need way more sleep than we get. Everyone in my class is sleeping and we all go to bed at 9 or 10 but we still are all exhausted. Plus it would be better for us because our brains aren't fully awake until 10 am so we would get better grades this way.

  • I think that school should start at 8:30 or later.

    Students who get more sleep usually get better grades. Also students who get more sleep are usually healthier. According to Amy Wolfson, 9th and 10th graders take about 5.4 minutes to fall asleep during class. Also, if students get more sleep, they will be able to be more healthy and less stressed.

  • Yes i do think that school should start later

    Teens need more sleep. Teens are mainly tired of waking up early in the morning. Teens need sleep to help them stay focused in the day. They also need time to eat breakfast in the mornings. So yes school should start later in the morning. So yes. Lalal lala la al

  • Schools should start later!

    I think schools should start later because kids need rest and at this rate the next generation is going to get terrible jobs because they are not getting good grades because they start so early! Schools should start later because study shows that kids get better grades with more sleep.

  • It's been scientifically proven that later is better.

    Teenagers' sleep cycles all become naturally messed up, where it feels natural to stay up till around midnight and sleep until ten. Schools that have started around ten, or at least later in the day than eight, have seen significant change for the better in the performance of students. Studies show that teens can't even learn anything as early as eight.

  • Duh obviously later is better

    The buses/trains will be very packed with working adults by the time the students board the buses/trains so schools should start just a bit later after the morning rush hour. Starting later also ensures that student have enough sleep had breakfast or maybe even exercise before going to school. That would surely make the student more awake and would not sleep in class

  • Yes it should

    Yes should should start later in the morning to avoid traffic jam happening and differ the time with working adults. At the later of time in the morning, most of the adults go to work already. Student will have more seats to sit in the bus/MRT and less traffic jam

  • There is no point in starting school later

    Even if school did start later, the teens would take advantage of that time by partying or watching TV instead of sleeping and they would wake up in the morning feeling tired. Also the harsh reality of the adult world. Our parents have experienced the same thing, but they are used to it now. When you are an adult you need to get to work early and if you don't get enough sleep when you are an adult, then you can't just go to your boss complaining that you didn't get enough sleep and you want him to start work later. Chances are that your boss might fire you or say no or cut your paycheck. When you go to work, you have to wake up even earlier at about like 5 am.

    Posted by: lean
  • What about sports?

    After school sports can be easily affected by the new schedule. You may not have time for homework or personal time. You may even have to quit the sport you are playing. Kids are also more likely to sleep in. That extra hour will be most likely wasted at night because the kids will go to bed later.

  • No, schools DEFIANTLY shouldn't start later in the morning!

    Schools should not start later because it is just a section of time that the students waste in the morning. It would also mess up the bus drivers schedule and they already have to take care of elementary, middle , and high schoolers! It would also take time away from the teachers and kids' time when they get home. That's what I think

  • Schools should start at the same time.

    All schools should start at 7:30 not 10:00. Are brains need a certain rest for it to work at it fullest. Schools don't want kids to be sleepy and not pay attention during schools. The average person takes at least 30 minutes to fall asleep and and the amount of sleep that middle and high schoolers should sleep at least 7-9 hours of sleep.

  • No,school should not start later.

    It is the teens fault for not going to sleep earlier t takes at least 30 min. For a average person to fall asleep if you get comfy around 9:30 you should be asleep around 10:00pm 10:oopm. To 6:00am. It is 8 hrs. So it is pointless tor start school later.

  • No, there are more reasons for schools not starting later.

    Just because teens need sleep doesn't mean it should dictate when school starts. I know as you hit the point when you start to grow up, it gets harder to go to sleep earlier. But, it is not impossible. Also, the buses of the district have to run for the middle, elementary, and high schools. Starting later would require more drivers, and cost more money. These are all the reasons schools should keep their start times.

  • Not at all!

    School shouldn't start later just because of the students! An altered schedule ruins everything for the school. It helps practice for work as an adult. It also helps deal with a busy schedule and how to handle it. Therefore, school should not start the school day earlier in the morning.

  • Because i play video games after school

    School is meant to be in the morning not the after like 8 am. Schools have to consider the students in the option some students like the early start time so they can do after school activities like football. Soccer. Baseball, etc. Other students might want a earlier start time but most of the time kids just want to get out of school as fast as they can.

  • What about sports?

    After school sports can be easily affected by the new schedule. You may not have time for homework or personal time. You may even have to quit the sport you are playing. Kids are also more likely to sleep in. That extra hour will be most likely wasted at night because the kids will go to bed later.

  • Start school at normal times

    If you are going to start school late then students get in the habit of waking up late. Also school will be dismissed later so it's gonna be harder to get home. Another reason is, it will help you in your adult life to understand a schedule and importance of time. This is just my opinion.

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daem0n says2015-05-18T00:23:38.447
The real question is: which sleep schedule optimizes the human circadian rhythm? Time of day is relative, but time in relation to sunrise and sunset is not.

Waking up with the sunrise is probably the healthiest human schedule. School hours (and business hours, and any other activity schedule) should begin maybe two hours after the sunrise to give people time to wake up, get ready, and commute.

So, if a particular school starts earlier than that, then it should start later. If it starts later than that, then maybe it should start earlier.