Should schools start recycling the plastic and food that they use?

  • We need more

    We need more recycling in schools my school does not even have a recycling bin in school and we have foam trays and plastic cartons of milk and if we recycle in school the kids will carry it on to there kids and there kids will carry it on so that one kid that recycled will carry on recycling for a long time.

  • It is a great idea

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  • Good Science Project

    Recycling is a good science project for the entire school to do. Plastic, paper, cardboard, cans, glass and food can all be recycled. Some companies may even pay the school for their scrap food to be sold as feed for animals. Perhaps local companies who make their own compost can haul off the scrap food every couple of days. Schools can partner with local companies to take care of recycling needs at all levels to expedite the process.

  • Yes, Schools Must Set a Good Example and Recycling is Important for the Future

    Children spend most of their day at school, and it is arguable that school can have equal or more impact on a child's social development than family. For that reason it is important that schools set a good example, particularly with important global issues like the environment. If children learn to recycle at school, they may encourage it at home and will probably carry it on throughout their lives, leading to an overall healthier environment for everyone.

  • No they shouldn't

    Really it doesn't matter.... But who actually takes the time to recycle stuff?????????? Really..... Most students don't recycle anyways. We should just get rid of the recycling bins because I saw a janitor at my school throw recycle stuff in a trash dumpster. So what's the point? I say no

    Thank you

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