Should schools start sex education in kindergarten?

  • Yes,but explained in a simple way.

    A lot of people believe that kids are not intellectually developed enough to even know what sex is. I believe that a simplified way of explaining sex to children can be used.From using cartoonish explanations to explain what sperm cells are and what their roll is in human reproduction,to simply answering the simple question of ''where do babies come from'' in a simple,straight to the point way.I think that a lot of people underestimate the intellectual potential that kids have.

  • It should be made to sound normal and natural

    Sex is a natural part of life and there's nothing wrong with it. These days people need to hide to make love, but violence and hate is displayed everywhere. Which should we be more worried about?

    I don't think they need whole lessons dedicated to it, but it should just be brought up in conversation sometimes. Explain a bit, answer any questions, then when the child gets bored just move on to something else. It's a shame that most kids go through the stage of "ew sex" and "oh my god what is this" when they learn about it when they're older. If it's always been mentioned calmly and naturally, they won't be bothered by it and will have a much clearer outlook.

    Children hear about murder and terrorism but it doesn't make them go around trying to kill people. Teaching them about sex won't make them try to do it.

  • Would they even understand it?

    The kids probably can't even read or talk right, and you're trying to bestow them with sex education. They're too young

    If you want to start early, you have to start at about 4th or 5th grade. Kindergarten is just too early to be trying to teach kids about sex education.

  • Until 4th grade

    Until your 9-10 years old your considered a big kid so no. Would you like A 4 YEAR OLD TO KNOW.WE can't ve teaching sex to anyone 8 or under and this is coming from a 10 YEAR OLD. So no way too small,way too young if your in third grade or under you shouldn't knke

  • Maturity is Important.

    I don't think that kindergarteners should learn about sex. First of all, they are way too young to understand such things. Second of all, if they learn such a thing at a young age, their understanding of the topic could change. They may also develop precocious sexual behavior, which may cause them to try to perform sexual activities at such a young age.

  • No it shouldn't

    Sex education should start a lot earlier than it does, but it shouldn't be in kindergarten. These students are too young to truly understand what is going on. Now, if it started in around 4th or 5th grade, then that would make more sense. These kids need more than just abstinence in high school.

  • Let's wait until fifth grade, maybe?

    I don't think that there's really a need to start sex education in kindergarten. The kids wouldn't understand, and parental screaming over that one would be hard to get past. However, I do think that starting it by the end of fifth grade in the United States would be practical, since that's when most of the little darlings start asking serious questions.

  • Way too young

    Society as a whole is obsessed with sex, they want to keep our children away from it and keep it out of schools but then turn around and want sex education taught to kids at a younger age. It should be the parent's responsibility to teach their children about sex. If they do not feel comfortable with it, doctors are also available to help. The school system should be used to taught regular education, not private, personal education.

  • Full Blown Sed Education Not Needed That Early

    I do not believe schools should start full on sex education in kindergarten. I believe some specific items could be mentioned at that age about appropriate behavior and such forth, but its not necessary to even devote a session to sex education in kindergarten. I believe we could slowly introduce the topic throughout the grades with varying levels of information, but to have a whole unit on it, in kindergarten, doesn't seem necessary.

  • No, it is not relevant.

    No, schools should not start sex education in kindergarten, because it is not relevant information to a kindergartener. It is even silly to educate a 3rd grader about HIV/AIDS, unless the third grader is using intravenous drugs or engaging in homosexual sex. Beyond a discussion of good and bad touch, students do not need sexual education until late elementary school.

  • No, schools should not start sex education in kindergarten.

    Sex education should absolutely not start in kindergarten. At the age of four or five, children are too young to understand the significance of puberty and sexual reproduction as well as the physical and emotional implications of sexual activity. Exposing this type of material to young children who are not emotionally ready or intellectually developed enough to understand the social ramifications of engaging in sexual activity should not be exposed to it. It could be severely damaging to both self esteem, behavioral expectations, and self image.


    Why would anyone think that children should be subdued to learning about sex in Kindergarten? They haven't even developed yet and surely do not have questions about it, if they do, maybe some Detectives need to make a visit to their door and ask why. The younger a child learns of sexual exploits, the more likely he/she will want to experiment in them and learning so early makes it seem OK and it's NOT OK, GET REAL!

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