Should schools stop freaking out over children's health? The substitutes for cola and stuff are worse than the real thing

Asked by: phoenixgoldfire
  • Sugar is not as bad as antifreeze

    A company called rapidz and it's rivals are selling 'sugar free, healthy alternatives' to coke and lemonade etc. This would not be as bad if these substitutes did not contain substances such as antifreeze and by-products from food processing shown to cause nausea, a short attention span, tiredness, and obesity (more so than sugar.) i would also like teachers to stop using the word 'chemicals' in such a negative way, such as "there are chemicals in fizzy drinks". Everything is a chemical. I am made up of chemicals. The word 'chemical' means "something that is made up of matter, such as an element or compound". If you want to use that to scare kids, why not learn the name of said chemical, and why it makes you scared. Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to have some chemicals, with a tasty drink of a chemical named water which contains chemicals from the water plant, probably with a side of chemicals and a chemical sandwich. Oh, and after that I should remember to put more chemicals in the printer.

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