• Cursive is important for our future!

    I think that cursive can help us in the future, because in collage and other times in our lives, we can be asked to sign our name, or even write in cursive, so we need to learn it!
    Also, I think that when I write in cursive, it makes my writing look better, and it is also faster to complete!!
    Schools should teach cursive to help improve are future!!

  • Helps you later in life

    SOme people actually want to learn cursive. So they should get to learn it. Some people don't want to learn it so they should not have to learn it. I think it should be that persons chose. There should be a different class in school just for cursive that way it is fair.

  • Because it should

    Since most schools hardly know cursive anyway, no one can read it if they don't know it. That's why schools should stop. There are so many people who don't even use it anyway so what the point. I learned it in 2nd grade and have I used it since? No.

  • Yes we sould

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  • Ban cursive words

    I think it is wrong to teach 4 yr old children cursive writing. It doesn't teach the child the correct shoe of each letter. Surely at this age it should be about how to write each letter correctly and then move on to cursive letters when they re confident they know them.

  • Students should stop learning cursive!

    Because in the future, people may stop writing and just type instead!
    Even if we still wrote by hand, there no reason why we NEED cursive.
    Its just some fancy way to write! Kids should just stick to writing normal. Also its a waste of time in schools because its taking all the time we need to learn more important stuff like math or to read!

  • Some things are simple

    By nature I'm a verbose person. But some ideas are so flawed that very little argument is needed. Teaching cursive is one of them. If it is a skill you do not need to obtain a Ph.D., write a book, build a circuit board or cure a rare disease, then it is an art, not an educational necessity.

  • Schools should stop cursive handwriting

    They should stop cursive handwriting because it takes forever to teach it some students just don't get it. It doesn't matter if kids don't have neat penmanship cursive should be taken away. I live in Indiana which has already taken cursive out of our schools which is somewhat cool. Cursive takes forever to write and teach so that's why it should be taken away.

  • Cursive is useless

    - Cursive is inefficient; it takes a far longer time to write in legible cursive than in print (at least for me)
    - Cursive takes far longer to read than print, all the more adding to its inefficiency
    - By using pencils instead of fountain pens, and with less time dedicated to handwriting instruction, most children's cursive is laborious and illegible
    - Cursive is outdated; we no longer use ink to write, therefore eliminating the need to prevent taking the pen off the page
    - If cursive is so beautiful, then students should be able to opt for handwriting and calligraphy classes
    - In the age of technology, typing is far more practical and needed than handwriting

    I've wasted so much time learning cursive in elementary school, only never to use it since.

  • We don't even use it in our life

    We really don't use cursive writing in our life also, it takes a lot of time to learn it and we also get many stress during learning it. Some of are saying that it helps to excercise brain, but there is many other ways to excercise our brain which can be more useful than learning cursive writing.
    In otherway I think learning cursive writing have to introduce selection system like people who want to learn cursive writing can learn it and others can do other activiry.

  • Understanding Forefathers' Wisdom

    Cursive writing is a basic part of English communication. It wouldn't hurt if an individual was just trying to understand a contemporary concept. But, our forefathers and elders, have left us some writings to give us younger generations wisdom. We need to be able to comprehend both forms of written communication in order to benefit from what our ancestors have left us. If we lose the ability to understand what they have left us, we could end up repeating mistakes, and hurting ourselves, our neighbors and country.

    If the younger generations don't learn how to interpret cursive, they will lose a big part of the English literature.

    The other thing is that each person's cursive style is as distinctive as his/her finger print. For that reason having, having signatures written in cursive is a better security device than printing. It would be far easier to forge a printed name than a name written in cursive.

  • Yeah we should

    Cursive is the closest thing we have to a uniform font of English, which is important considering that literally everyone who writes in English has a font that is unrecognizable to about half the population. Sign language serves a valuable use in being legible to just about everyone in a language known for being idiotically complicated.

  • America Needs This

    This country is becoming more and more simplistic as it is. Why don't we just ask the government to stop teaching us math too? I'm not a fan of it…. At all…. But its a brain exercise and its worth learning to a certain extent. It took me about one and a half elementary script practice books, it may seem really hard at first but believe me, you get it after a little time devotion.

  • No no no

    You write faster its beautiful its easy its fun its art its cool its great its easy to learn basically because u can write in art and so u can sign your documents aka signature and basically its important and an interesting concept no harm in teaching it whatsoever !

  • Does not help

    It dosnt help with anything.People dont get any smarter. It also is not a faster smoother of cleaner way of writibng. And by the way i am writing in non cursive write now on the computer so yeah get wreacked every one person in the world that is flat. Bye.

  • Cursive is outdated..

    Since 1970 people see fewer reasons to use such a skill. As a student myself in 5th grade I find it practically useless. With a future with expanding technology we must do things worth doing before things we do need become extinct. I believe cursive is a huge waste of time.

  • Continue to write in cursive

    Cursive writing is a form of writing that is easy to use and requires less time to write than with printing. I t may be a little difficult to master at first but once it is, its preferred over printing. Cursive also makes you write more legible. There has been many times I have tried to read what people have written and its sloppy. Had they taken the time to learn cursive their handwriting would be legible. Not learning cursive is just another way students fail to keep up with the peers in other states and countries. When these kids grow up to be adults and not able to sign their names or understand what happens then? Printing and signing are two different things. Let's get with the program!

  • Cursive is Important!!!

    I am a kid, but I love cursive and grammar. I enjoy the elegancy of cursive. I gives me a creative outlet and helps my studying. When I don't write things in cursive, I get lower test scores. I am homeschooled and cursive is close to my heart. Go cursive!


    Cursive benefits children and is an art that helps dyslexics ! ! ! You need to remember the founding father's documents. Not everyone needs to know it but us young people need it for historical and health purposes. Cursive is so important, and I love it. It is beautiful! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!

  • It would be to hard to understand for youger

    If you want to understand any thing it should be printed and not in cursive.School are going to wast more time on cursive than what they want to it also takes more time to learn unlike riding a bike you learn faster if you print the only reson is so you can understand it

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