• Dressing appropriately, yes

    By applying a dress code that can teach a young girl self respect and provide a moral and dignifying perspective of ones self, cannot hurt. I know self expression is a big issue for young people, but there are ways to express ones self without demoralizing ones character with suggestive attire.

  • Dress codes should be strictly enforced by the schools.

    I am a teacher at a high school. It has become ridiculous how lax we have become in not enforcing our rules. The girls are barely clothed and I do not know how the boys keep their pants from not falling down. I believe especially what the girls are wearing is a distraction from learning. Boys are paying too much attention to the girls bare skin instead of to their studies.

  • It has been proven to decrease violence and increase grades

    If it has been proven to decrease violence and increase grades, then so be it.

    "Person's right to express themselves"

    I never fully understood this. How do you express yourselves with clothes?
    1. Most people don't care about clothes.
    2. Even if they do care about clothes, they just wear it because they thing it looks good.
    There is not very much "expression" in wearing clothes.

  • Definitely a dress code is apart of being educated

    Individuals attend schools (in general) to develop their ability to become marketable in the near future, should education be the ONLY focus? shouldn't one aspire to begin selling themselves professionally at first glance. The one chance of creating a first impression shouldn't be regretted after the fact. Whether it's elementary, high school or college it is an individual's responsibility to make a lasting impression upon others and through or while doing so we create internal impressions of ourselves by build self confidence, a positive self image, and self respect. Freedom of expression doesn't have to be mini skirts, short shorts, baggy pants, offensive language to name a few, how about expressing one's self in a positive light to be a role model to others, or to be admired and emulated by others. Prepare for that one unexpected moment that could change your career path forever just because you dressed the part!

  • Modesty in America

    In Public schools today, many people love the freedom that comes with a free dress code. No uniforms. No guidelines. You can show as much or as little is you want- your choice. Should it really be that way? Should we really be giving our students the liberty to opening wear immodest and racy items just because “it’s the fashion” or “ It makes people look at me.” Instead of sending a good message, are we really sending a bad one?
    If schools tighten dress codes, such as installing a uniform, or cracking down on punishment for improper dressing items, these actions can ultimately reduce pressure and offences to others. Many kids either do not have the resources for the “best and the greatest” or plainly have no desire or intention to do so in a way that tells the whole world “hey, I’m here and you can do nothing to stop me.” Some of the clothing items seen in schools today are downright offensive. It is almost as if the clothes can talk, and they are saying that the lowest, tightest and shortest is the key to success. People have no knowledge of offending someone. The greedy nature that we posses overpowers the logic and mentality we have. Worldly expectation of “show it all” have corrupted our society- and have come to terrorize our schools.
    If more schools enforce dress codes, the standard of modesty in America will rise.

  • Ready for the work force

    If schools had dress codes every student and staff would look in unison, and look very professional. If our students would dress like they are ready to learn, they will and be smarter. Also the work force has a dress code, so why shouldn't our students have a dress code. It will get our students ready for the work force so its not a surprise when they are expected to dress professoial and not allowed just to where just T-shirts and jeans or sweats.

  • Being made fun of is not cool.

    This is a great idea because I hate seeing kids getting bullied because of the clothes they wear. This often happens just for the length, style or simple stains on clothing. Kids may complain but it is worth having a uniform to stop bullying. "We are starting to crack down on bulling" says Stand Up Influence. "Kids need to start acting their age."

  • Dress codes can help reduce the potential for conflict

    Dress codes and uniforms can help reduce the potential for conflict by;
    1. Reducing conflict stemming from socio-economic status, i.e., conflicts stemming from comments and personal attacks about who has better clothing and so on.
    2. Reducing ways in which gang members can identify themselves which, in essence, is a form of intimidation and creates fear.
    3. Reduces the risk of students being robbed to and from school, or for that matter in school, of expensive clothing, jewelry, etc.
    4. In the case of uniforms, could help school administrators identify non-students, trespassers, and other visitors in the hallways who stand out in the crowd.


    The dress code is really not fair students should be allowed to dress in a way that feels most sutible to them and the dress cod currently feels very lementing for students they are very bad and unfair and veary uneven they dont allow us to be ourselves and express our veiws

  • They need to be strict!

    School dress codes are already relaxed enough, and students need to have practice for when they're in a work environment. Also, if a dress code isn't enforced enough and people are wearing what they want, it can create a bad impression for them, and can lead to people calling them rude things.

  • No, it is not fair.

    It is not fair because lots of people like to short skirts and other personalized items. There are things that people buy but do not get to wear at school. I have clothing items that I would like to wear but can not because of the rules in place at my school.

  • It won't allow people to express who they are.

    It keeps people from expressing who they are, and without that, everyone would be the same. It takes our voice away; the voice we fought and won from England. In the Constitution it says freedom to express, so let us express whether we are mental or sane, we have rights. People can't take are rights. We will fight back.

  • We should have our freedom!

    People fought and died for the right to be free so I say that we be free of uniforms. It is not fair to us and I know people will say, "Oh well, life is not fair." Screw that. NO UNIFORMS AND WE ALSO DESERVE RESPECT! The uniforms are making me mad.

  • Takes away expression

    The last thing students have to express themselves is the way that they dress. Does that have to be taken away? How would you feel if all your expression was taken from you. You would not enjoy it. If schools enforce dress codes then the students will not be able to express their individuality.

  • Not because of Freedom of Expression....

    If someone else wants to wear shorts that are way to short, thats fine. It's what THEY want to do. We should not be telling other people what to do and how to live. If you want to dress modestly, then you do that. It's your life. People should be allowed to dress however they want to, but not because of "discovering yourself", but because it's your life. If somebody wants to fail out of school and live with their mom, I'm fine with that because it's none of my business. I don't know about you guys but when I look around, I don't see bra straps sticking out, cropped tees, short (x10) shorts on every person that I see. Almost 85% of the students you see will dress modestly. It's only the "popular" people that you are seeing.

  • Dress code it stupid and it sucks

    Why is there even a dress code? For one, its sexist, two, its freaking hot in some states and we're forced to wear long pants and cap sleeves and third there is no point!

    Its sexist against girls because 80% of girls clothing is not in dress code! Most of the boy's clothing is! I live in florida and we need to wear tank tops. No guy is going to look at my shoulder and get hard looking at it. It just doesnt happen.

    IN DRESS CODE THERE IS NO FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION WHAT SO EVER. Teachers expect us to express our feelings and emotions but they can choose what we can wear and cant wear? Uh, hypocrite much? WHY SHOULD THE SCHOOL BE THE JUDGE OF WHAT WE WEAR WHY NOT OUR PARENTS?! If parents care they should be the ones to decide what we wear and what we dont wear. I do agree that there should be some sort of dress code but just not at strict! I mean no sunglasees or hats?! WHAT AM I GONNA DO KILL SOMEONE WITH THE CAP OF MY HAT?! Its not distracting or harmful to the student population!!!! If we cant wear hats, WHY DO WE HAVE HAT DAYS!? I DONT UNDERSTAND.

    THERE IS NO POINT. I mean teachers wear tanktops, sunglasses, hats and shorts in the summer and still complain that its hot... Uh rude! Also God forbid I dye the tips of my hair red I mean that would totally be the end of the world right? *sarcasticness intended* . I completely disagree with the school dress code and think it should DEFINATELY BE IMPROVED AND IF ITS NOT IM STILL WEARING A TANKTOP. So school districts, please build a bridge and get over it.

  • We're us, let us be that way.

    Dress codes are preventing people from being who they are. When we're told to be ourselves. People need to make up their mind about us, or just let us decide. We'll pick who we are, no one can change that. Schools, teachers, parents, and the government are telling us to be ourselves, and then they go ahead and make us wear certain things. We're us, let us pick. Not you. Us.

  • Dress codes are so bad.

    No, if clothes are covering the underwear, they should be allowed. There is no reason why they shouldn't be. I mean, really? Times do change, and you should, believe it or not, get used to it. Schools with uniforms bar self expression, and this is one step away from that blatant tyranny.

  • Dress codes are irrelevant.

    Having attended public middle and high schools in South Texas, there is a strict policy that shorts are not to be worn and hair must be a "natural" color. The main point administrators try to make is that the rules are to remove distractions from the classroom. In my opinion, there is a fine line to what a distraction really is in a classroom. Why not remove the annoying children or make the class a lone, empty room? That would be completely arbitrary! The temperature is in the 90's and 100's for most of the year and there still has to be cloth closing our lower legs. Dealing with hair color, it has never been an issue to anyone else until the district restricts you from returning to school until the color is "natural". In plain terms, dress codes are counter-intuitive; if you had been caught in class with a dress violation, and administrator would have to escort you from the class and contact the parents until the issue had been "resolved". All for nothing, class time would have been lost. There is no real reason for a dress code other than to have another aspect to control the students.

  • No because when some people have clothes they want to where they should wear it . People have the write to do as they please.

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Anonymous says2013-02-15T17:20:12.240
Children gain confidence through dress codes.
Anonymous says2013-03-01T03:32:33.090
Dress codes are dumb for school i think dress codes are for prep schools but Why dress codes
Anonymous says2013-03-11T22:06:00.347
Dress codes should be a limit, no body wants someones butt hanging out of there shorts so get longer shorts, Classy is wayyy more attractive than trashy!!! :)
Anonymous says2013-03-27T17:09:28.257
Yes, but i don't think they should be as strict
Anonymous says2013-04-21T06:35:18.117
I think a moderate dress code can be helpful; however dress code should not be reinforced during class time. I've seen so many cases when the student gets sent to the counseling office to be given change and they keep there for a long time until the counselor is finished with his/her personal issues (eating, gossiping,
Anonymous says2013-04-21T06:37:12.877
Dress codes should only take place place during nutrition to avoid wasting instructional time. Students get sent to counseling office to either get a change or call hi/her parents. Counselors do not think that having the student out of the classroom is impacting the student's learning????
Anonymous says2013-05-19T15:37:15.973
Well I say no uniforms. A lot of people say no uniforms because you need to express one self...Which is true but it's also very easy to counter that. I personally went from a none uniformed elementary school to a uniformed middle school and now back to a none uniformed high school, but they are now saying that we have dress codes to follow... Which is understandable to a point. If your butt is hanging out of your shorts than i'm sorry but that is not appropriate. Shorts that cover up should be fine, that doesn't mean that your shorts should be "mid-thigh" it just means They don't want explicit clothing because you are representing your school whether you are in the school or not! I think we should not have uniforms because I'm tired of wearing the same thing over and over again. People say it saves money but it doesn't. Whether you spend money on clothes throughout the year (for reg. Clothes) or you spend money once a year (for uniforms) you are still spending about the same amount. I think that we shouldn't have uniforms because everyone has a different culture and in a way others can learn another's culture simply by seeing how they dress. This is also a time to practice for the real world. How you present yourself in school simply by how you dress is a way to get ready for when you need to dress for getting a job or setting that positive/negative first impression. I think that we shouldn't have uniforms because uniforms are often odd colors that people don't regularly wear like navy blue or red. Green or yellow. If not odd colors it's dark colors like Black pants. Or white collared shirts.They are not comfortable they are usually nylon or polyester or some weird material instead of something like cotton. The only uniform students should have are Gym uniforms or sports uniforms so that you are representing your school! But that's as far as the uniforms should go.
Anonymous says2013-07-22T16:35:29.843
Are you seriously telling me the only way you can express yourself is by wearing super immodest clothes? Is it not possible to express yourself without having your boobs or your butt falling out? Seriously guys
mrjf1 says2016-12-05T21:50:38.333
Dress Codes should be implemented as strictly as possible. Dress codes instill pride and discipline.My Students and staff are required to wear a full suit and tie daily with no casual days and no weather exceptions. You come dressed to work and that's that.
crazypersona says2017-01-12T20:30:09.053
No on school uniforms but yes on the rules like no crop tops and no baggy pants and no short shorts

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