Should schools strictly enforce their dress codes?

  • Yes they should

    If your school has a policy, then they need to enforce that policy. It sends a really bad message to have a policy and not to enforce it. It makes the school look weak. I think that if you take care of the smaller things like dress code then bigger things won't happen.

  • Dress Codes Prevent Educational Distractions

    Enforcing dress codes prevents educational distractions, so schools should strictly enforce their dress codes. If they make an exception for one dress code violation, then others will follow. Like rules, they should all be enforced before even more exceptions are made and things get out of hand. Dress codes are there to ensure a viable atmosphere for learning, not to show off midriffs or breasts.

  • Schools should always enforce dress codes.

    Someone should be strictly enforcing a dress code, and based on what I've seen both young gentlemen and ladies wearing these days, it's certainly not their parents. Schools can set the tone for what's acceptable off campus as well as on by enforcing their dress codes to the letter. They could do even more by mandating uniforms, but I'll save that debate for another time.

  • Schools should strictly enforce their dress codes.

    Schools should strictly enforce their dress codes. I think that students should dress appropriately for school and when they do not they should be told how they are not dressed appropriately and be given a chance to fix it. I do not think that requiring uniforms would be the answer.

  • It Helps Kids Focus

    Children of the grade school age desperately needs to enforce dress code, it is the time where inappropriate images can influence the thoughts of the other children seeing it. Kids go to school to learn, not to show of their bodies, i'm not saying that schools couldn't ease up a little more, but they need some type of restriction

  • Most stupid rule

    It doesn't let your child express there love of fashion. And it doesn't let your child be him or her`s self!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is the most stupid rule of the school districts of Colorado!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We need to do something about it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really people! Be real! Make it happen people! Really!

  • No dress code

    I think the dress code is bad on children because it take away they're freedom of speech and doesn't allow them to show they're own style I think schools should have some rules or else people will dress on the school grounds thus leading to bad things said about the person and the school

  • Limit their creativity

    Schools should not enforce it because people need to express them self without a limit and no one wants to be he same as everyone else! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • Dress codes don't need to be enforced as strongly as they are.

    I personally think half of my schools dress codes are idiotic. I don't think that shorts should have to be past your finger tips, and it sucks for people like me because I have long arms and half of my shorts are at my wrist and my butt is far from sticking out of them. Yes, I think if somebody's butt is hanging out of their shorts they need to change, but other than that its fine. And why can't we have holes in our jeans thats the stupidest rule I think because some guys not going to walk up to a girl and go,"Dang Girl.... You got some nice knees." This goes for wearing spaghetti straps and leggings, too. I honestly do not think that dress codes need to be enforced like they are, not even half of what they are.

  • Strict dress codes: fashion no-no

    It takes to much time in the morning, kids get held from class because of their hair styles, kids can't express themselves as much as they might want to, what if someone is a fashionista and can't wear what they like because of the dress code? Schools need to ease up a bit.

  • Strict dress codes: fashion no-no

    It takes to much time in the morning, kids get held from class because of their hair styles, kids can't express themselves as much as they might want to, what if someone is a fashionista and can't wear what they like because of the dress code? Schools need to ease up a bit.

  • Schools should not support dress code

    , The reason why people shouldn't support the school dress code is because it wont let students express themselves the way they want to. Although some may say that there's not much expression in clothes or that they may get a bad image , it doesn't let students express how they want to be looked at, sure there will still be some regulations saying you cant wear certain things but just not strictly making you wear certain things. So instead of blocking off everything, only block out some and leave room for other possibilities so students can express themselves better. Another issue is also safety. While some schools say that in order to make sure students don't hide weapons under their clothes they make them tuck in shirts and what not. But even though they tuck shirts in they can wear jackets. Although this may only be the case to some lower grade schools it seems a bit off. Jackets provide a lot more coverage for students to hide weapons so if their concern is safety their not doing a good job, and if students had their free will to wear what they wanted they would wear clothing that would make it more visible in case they had weapons.

  • No, there should be some wiggle room.

    No, schools should not strictly enforce their dress codes, because students are not soldiers. A dress code should not be too strict. A uniform is enough. The students do not need to be wearing suits and ties every day. Kids are still kids, and if the uniforms are too strict, it impedes learning.

  • Dumbest rule ever

    Dumbest rule ever Dress code is literally so stupid, I can't even. I mean hello, it's called freedom of speech! People judge each other in uniforms, so why would normal clothes be worse? No matter what you do or wear in school, students will judge each other. It's a fact of life so get over it and cut uniforms/dress code.

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edias323 says2014-04-24T13:44:39.437
If you look at dress codes you notice that the codes are more enforced onto girls. I think the problem is society and that we have over sexualized the women's body. Boys are made to have pants up and sleeves. But girls must wear long skirts (which are hard to find in stores and inconvenient), cover bare shoulders (which is another reason that females body are over sexualized), bra straps covers, no leggings, over excessive pants, shorts must be a 'modest' length (what gives them a right to decide what is considered modest, this is their own biased opinion), hair must be natural, no excessive piercings, ect ect ect. Why are girls being so forced upon with this biased idea? It is not our faults that society has corrupted the way a female body is. So what!? They are breasts? They are butts? And legs? Why is this considered too sexual and distracting? It is not our problem. Drop school codes. Don't restrict us.