• Yes so the kids know what to expect.

    Schools should have a female teacher comfortable teaching the subject to teach the girls that want to know more about the subject but their parents won't teach them. In this class they would get familiar with the system that causes this weird thing with there body that causes blood to come out their vagina. They should have a teacher answer their questions 100% honest so they will know what to expect and not freak out when the teacher says it will be light all the time and they had a really heavy one and make the kid worry for no reason at all. They should also be told that they can now have a baby. They should be tought to not be self conscience and when they aren't have a lesson on how to put a tampon correctly into the vagina or how to put a pad on properly in underwear. They should also be taught when a good age to have a baby is and be given a dildo or vibrator for when they are horny but keep it hiden from their parents to avoid 13 year old kids being pregnant.

  • No, it should be up to parents

    I started my period early so by the time we did it at school I had already had mine. So I can tell you that the teachers didn't tell the full story anyway, telling us things like 'it doesn't hurt at all' (when cramps are excruciating at times) and 'you will only lose a tiny amount of blood.' Anyone who has had a period can tell you this is all lies. Teachers are too embarrassed to tell us the truth and it should be up to our parents to tell us this stuff anyway, rather than wasting school time talking about it.

  • Yes they bloody should.

    I think it's a bloody good idea, ol chap. They should get those bloody girls into those bloody classrooms and plug them full of bloody useful information. In this day and age, we pad these bloody girls too much. They need to know the bloody truth, before their lives get messy.

  • It is up to parents

    Parents should be the ones telling their daughters about this, not the school. I agree that it is important for to find out what will happen to them, but the school is not the way to do it. When my school told me about menstruation the teacher was really embarrassed and wasn't helpful at all, but when my mum told me, she told me the truth and exactly what to do, and was more helpful.

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