• Teach, but not preach.

    I have nothing against someone being abstinent, but when it comes to teaching it in schools, I do not have a problem with that; however, I feel it should only be taught and not preached upon the students. Let them know it's simply a good option as it is technically safer.

  • Abstinence Still Valid

    While many teens flat out ignore abstinence, that isn't always the case, and it's still a valid educational topic. Without a doubt, schools should teach both contraception and absintence to their students. The student should decide which option is best for themselves, since education is better than simply not teaching anything.

  • Schools should teach the importance of abstinence.

    Schools should definitely teach the importance and benefits of abstinence. This should not however be the sole means of sexual education that takes place. It is essentially impossible to guarantee that every student refrains from any sexual activity. Therefore it is imperative that, aside from abstinence, schools also promote alternative forms of contraception when engaging in sexual activities.

  • Does not work

    Abstinence does not work. There seems to be many questions here about abstinence only education, and whether its a good strategy, leading me to believe that people truly don't know anything outside of their own tiny realm of possibility. Every study and statistic shows teaching abstinence to be the least effective method of reducing pregnancy.

  • It is not the responsibility of schools to teach or not teach abstinence.

    Schools should teach birth control as far as it relates to health and procreation. Schools should not, however, teach abstinence simply because it is not their place to do so. It implies values. Parents should determine those values instilled in their children and should make the determination of whether or not to teach abstinence to their children.

  • Schools Should not Teach Abstinence

    No, schools should not teach abstinence. It is not in the sphere of school influence to teach abstinence, which is generally a religious teaching. Instead, schools should educate students on the proper application of safe sex, and things like the proper usage of a condom. It is in the hands of the parents and religious organizations to teach abstinece.

  • No They Shouldn't

    Regardless of what school teach, hormones will be racing through teenagers' bodies. So even if schools are teaching abstinence the students receiving the teaching will be having sex, at least a significant percentage of them. So students should be taught realistically and understand which methods of birth control are effective.

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