• They most definitely should.

    What is school about? Education. What does education do for us? It provides work. Well, what if none of the kids from school even survive to earn an education. The streets in general are horrible places to be around. Depending on your area, it'll determine how much street smarts you'll really need. I'm an African American 11 year old girl who lives in Los Angeles. It's not all bright lights. Where I live, everyday there's a helicopter flying around my neighborhood. Everyday you meet a beggar asking for money. That's not really something to brag about. If you want to survive our here, you'll need street smarts. Street safety smart. That's something us kids have to learn on our own. The thing is, if you can figure that out AND have book smarts, then you'll be able to have money AND survive. That's what it's all about. That's why we should be educated about the world.

  • Safety is So Important Schools Need to Teach It

    Children spend the greater portion of their days in school or participating in school-associated activities like extra-curricular activities and homework. Since school has such a large influence on child development and learning, it is important that students are taught things that will be important to them for survival. Being street safe is just as important as academics, so schools should teach and remind students of the importance of taking proper safety precautions.

  • Yes, very helpful

    Yes, I understand how some subjects we learn at school are important but when are we EVER going to use Fibonaccis sequence? This is a serious matter which many kids get raped/killed on the streets and should be taught what to do in cases such as this just to be on the safe side.

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