Should schools teach children how to revolt against tyrannies?

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  • Schools should educate on what tyranny is, As a larger part of teaching government/ethics. But no, They should not teach revolution.

    Teaching "how" to revolt is far too radical and easy to manipulate. A school's place should never be teaching kids specifically *how to react or think about something* Teaching kids how to critically think though seems valuable, And enabling them to make their own calls.

    Helping kids identify tyranny within the context of a governmental ethics conversation seems valuable. But then proceeding to teach revolt is too far, And not really what school is there for. Also, "tyranny" is not easily defined. School A's curriculum may teach that a government who genocides is tyrannical, And the same day School B's curriculum may dictate traffic lights are worth revolution. So yeah, Worth discussing in a politics/philosophy course, But definitely not encouraging kids to revolt.

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