Should schools teach children in all schools transgenderism and that there are more than two genders?

  • Yes they should

    New science should catch up with the generation and the kids need to be taught a bit about themselves that gender is now considered a social construct and kids these days now have gender dysphoria so they need to learn about this in case they need a sex change. Lgbt for kids!

  • They wouldn't even understand.

    The pseudo science that leftists want to press on our children isn't even comprehensible for young people. We usually wait until kids are high school age to go into detail about the anatomical and biological differences between men and women.

    Speaking of men and women, There are only 2 genders. Sex and gender have always been associated with each other and there's no point trying to argue against it. You can talk about gender roles as a social construct but gender is not. There are only 2 genders because there are only 2 sexes. Man and woman. Boy and girl.

    These sexes are observed at a biological level through chromosomes. Women have XX chromosomes. Men have XY chromosomes. Sometimes, There are abnormalities when a person receives an extra X chromosome or Y chromosome and they are considered intersex with ambiguous genitalia. These are genetic disorders; not a 3rd gender.

    It doesn't get any more solid than that. We shouldn't play semantic word games by saying "Sex is just a taxanomy" or embrace antiquated cultural norms from ignorant societies that worshipped pagan gods and statues in order to cater to mental illness.

    People with gender dysphoria need help in learning to accept themselves for who they are. We should not encourage the person with Body Identity Integrity Disorder to cut off their limbs so they can feel at peace with themself. That's not healthy behavior. Neither is wanting to mutilate or alter one's own genitalia to be something they are not.

    If you feel I have missed the mark then I am willing to hear you explain your advocacy for the trans acceptance movement. However, I ask you do so respectfully. And for you to acknowledge that the issue may not be as black and white as you think it is.

  • Why would you bother

    Why bother a 5 year old with lgbt science because it is over their heads and they will stare at you as if you were an alien speaking in a foreign language. Transgender is shouldn’t be taught to kids below the age of 10 unless it is absolutely necessary to try

  • "New Science" lol

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Shamayita says2021-01-18T03:40:50.150
Too young to understand in my opinion.

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