• Coding is slowly becoming one of the greatest skills a kid can have.

    Schools are meant to prepare youth for the future ahead. This is seen with all the basic core subjects. English teaches how to put together words to create a thought and analyze media. History shows the past so we can learn how to make a better future. Science teaches the complexities of life and the earth. Math is for learning problem solving and calculations.

    Later in one's education they can get in to more detailed classes. This makes it so a student can follow their passion without other people forced in to a class they don't need or care about.

    Coding - the process of assigning a code to something for the purposes of classification or identification. Code is what makes the internet run. It's what makes computers run. It's a script used to create applications or programs to edit a computer.

    In a modern world we use computers every day. Everything from are phones to are fridges have a computer that runs on code.

    A school that can teach someone how to code will give them a universal skill. A skill that can broad or direct. Coding is a science, math, and language all in one package. It can incorporate design and tech. If a school can buy a classroom full of computers they can teach coding.

    Coding is an important skill that students should know and use.

  • Of course, but...

    It is important that children are empowered by a general knowledge of concepts and skills that make their world go round. Without that, they remain in awe of those with it; they are open to manipulation through a "wow!" factor.

    On the other hand, anything more than a basic understanding should not be compulsory. There are more vital skills, and the ability to discern wisely comes through traditional subjects that will inevitably be lost if we over-react to the trendies and passionate propagandists.

  • !!! Kids should have coding !!!

    If kids have coding they can learn to program apps, animations, games ect. They can also think of it as a language. If the kids get good the can communicate with the computer. Finally think about this would you rather learn Spanish, french, sign language, or would you learn coding your choice

  • Learning to code can get kids ready for life.

    Life today revolves around technology. If things continue on like this, many jobs will require people to have certain skills and coding is one of those things. I'm currently a student and if my school allowed us to take a computer science I would be so happy! I'm trying to teach myself, but I think all kids would benefit from learning basic computer science.

  • It's essential to life today.

    In today's life, in countries like the US, we need coding. Many jobs require you to be able to code, or at the very least use a lot of technology. In order to prepare students for real life, we should be teaching coding in school so they have a better chance at landing a job later in life.

  • Coding dominates the top paying jobs, it's a much needed skill. It will give your kids the advantage in the global job competition.

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  • What about the general choice of the student

    Why should students have to study computer work if they want to study other subjects like the arts or become a musician, what does computer coding have to do with those types of jobs? The student should be given the choice of whether they want to study either for another subject (their interest) or another job opportunity they want to pursue. I believe not all students should have to study computer coding.

  • Foreign languages and IT operation are more important

    It's more important that children are capable of using computers to the best of their abilities that learning how to program them. Coding is basically another language, but the average person is more likely to need to use foreign languages so time should be invested into that. There will always be enough children interested in code to join coding clubs and teach themselves online before developing it at GCSE, A Level or University. It will be a waste of time to teach it to everyone because IT skills are way more important and useful.

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