Should schools teach opposite genders separately?

Asked by: DarrenL1
  • It helps stop drama

    Kids wouldn't be creating drama as much if girls were separated away from us boys. It's a fact that in My school girls are the source of 62% of the drama guys have 38%, but 24% of that happened when a guy was with a group of girls. Facts don't lie

  • Of Course Yes Please

    I am in elementary school and I think that the genders should be split up.
    • Social Skill can be achieved at any time.
    • Having a barrier between opposite genders helps to avoid immature love which may lead to negligence towards their study.
    • Helps avoid negative actions among students.
    • Socialize during recess and outside of school; Learn during class
    • The human body- will be easier to teach the parts
    My teacher also said that the boys will be looking at the cute girl beside him and not working.

  • They are learning

    Social is the skill which can be achieved anytime. While they are learning,they need to concentrate. Having a barrier between themselves and their opposite gender helps to avoid immature love which leads to negligence towards their study. In addition, it also helps to avoid negative actions among students. Some might say separating creates homosexuality. Most probably it will occurs but in single sex school, rather than a separated one. They still can create social bond but it is better to be outside the school period.

  • No no no no no no no no

    I disagree because both boys and girls need to learn off each other. They should learn together to develop more social skills. The opposite sex wouldn't be very fond of the other gender, they wouldn't be very good at interacting with the opposite gender. -by frisk and the amazing cathy!

  • No no no no!!!!!

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  • Doesn't teach real world skills

    While it may be easier to learn without the other gender around, that is not how it works out in the real world. Most offices or workplaces do not have a strictly all girl section or all boy section. Besides, what about the students that are homosexual? That would just maximize their "distractions" as people call it. It would also hurt social skills because honestly, how many of you really knew a lot of people outside of where you went to school? Not many. Therefore, gender restrictions not only teach the wrong real world skills, they also hurt social skills in the process.

  • No No No

    I think because we get to learn from each other. In the future, we will have to work with a woman so we need to be used to the opposite gender's character. So, I think that we should not separate the gender in schools for the future and to learn.

  • Equality is Coed

    There is no reason to teach boys and girls separately. Boys and girls do not live separately throughout their lives, nor do they work in separate offices or vocations. Teaching genders separately would only lead to educational inequality, just as teaching races separately did before blacks and whites sat together in the same classroom.

  • Gender differences exist, but not to the extent of being separated in schools

    School children grow up learning to interact with the opposite sex. To take this away from them would be a great disservice. While in the classroom environment, students learn so much more than just what they are taught directly, they learn to socialize. School is a great place for students to learn to socialize with the opposite sex, and as such children should be taught in mixed gender settings.

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