• Yes, as a part of being relaxed.

    I know for a fact that kids tend to get snappy at the end of the day because they have no energy and no time to deal with other people. Yoga can help put their minds at ease and regain their positivity. I feel like it would do them good if they could if they took a breather basically. That's why when teacher send them out to do that they usually don't think I should do yoga so they just hold on to that anger.

  • Its not religious like the one thumb down comment

    Once I thought it through, I realized that my kids were benefitting from the same aspects of yoga I experienced in my local studio. My kids weren't being asked to raise their hands in prayer or to chant, "Om." There were no statues of the Buddha. Rather, they were learning strength, balance, and flexibility. They were learning how to quiet their minds and bodies. They were learning that physical challenges can happen beyond the athletic fields and competition.

  • Schools should teach yoga

    Physical Education is an important part of school curriculum. The ones epidemic has put schools in the role of being the only physical outlet for many students. Yoga can be an important part of an entire program of activity. By increasing flexibility and strength, it fulfilled a large portion of what is needed for good physical health. And by learning to breathe and focus, students can learn to calm themselves in times of stress.

  • Yes, they should.

    I took yoga as a course in college, and I have to say that it's a healthy way to increase flexibility, concentration, and alleviate stress when practiced correctly. Some kids don't like the rougher sports, and this would offer them a healthy alternative, and possibly improve their overall mood and grades. There really isn't a down-side to offering yoga.

  • Schools should add yoga to the curriculum!

    Yoga is extremely beneficial in many different ways. It would be an amazing alternative for children instead of more popular sports such as baseball or football. Every child is different and I believe they deserve a choice that is different and healthy in its own way. Yoga is a very healthy habit for your mind and body.

  • Yes, as an alternative PE course.

    Yoga would be an excellent addition to the PE course curriculum. Students are not all one type when it comes to physical activity, and not everyone likes to play soccer or run around a track. When I was in high school I hated PE until one year they offered modern dance and I realized that I could enjoy physical activity, not dread it. With obesity being the concern that it is these days, perhaps we should look at a broader spectrum of choices for students to be active.

  • Yes, as part of physical education.

    Yoga is about developing an awareness of the body and of breathing. It is a valid form of exercise and relaxation and self-discipline. It is not a religion and has crossed so into the mainstream that there is no reason to oppose it any more than volleyball and swimming and other exercise.

  • Yoga Is A Religious Ritual And Cannot Be Taught In Public Schools Due To Separation of Church and State.

    Because of the separation between church and state Yoga cannot be taught because it is a spiritual/religious form of expression. Yoga could still be taught in private schools but in public schools it would not be allowed. Other forms of exercise like gymnastics, stretching or even hopscotching could be taught because they are unconstitutional like Yoga.

  • Yoga is a religious/spiritual practice

    I'm in agreement with nick83 above. I'm fine with stretching but yoga is 100% a religious/spiritual practice, And if it's simply about the physical act of stretching then it is not Yoga and should not be presented as such. It would be like saying "We are not teaching Islam. We are simply having the kids do Namaaz (Muslim form of Yoga) where they bend down on their knees in an eastward direction and chant "Ya Salaam" (an islamic chant similar to "namaste"). No one should be worried at all. " So many people get all bent out of shape when ANYTHING Christian is taught or brought to school, Yet somehow the religious practice of Yoga goes on and so many are okay with it. . . I understand it's mostly out of ignorance. I'm educated enough to know that "separation of church and state" is nowhere to be found in the Constitution. But if you care to be consistent about restricting religious teaching in schools, Then Yoga has no place there either.

  • Yoga Should not be in Schools

    I'm O.K if yoga is in school, but only as an elective. Yoga is a choice for a different lifestyle, and should not be forced upon kids. People argue that yoga is healthy and should be in P.E. That's just not the case. P.E stands for Physical Education, and yoga is not physical, bending your body at weird angles is more like stretching, and tell me, is stretching considered a sport?

  • It is a religious practice.

    The poses developed in Yoga are intended to bring the body and soul in unity under the yoke of the form of an animal. The stretches themselves can be extracted and taught, as no religion can monopolize a means of stretching. But at that point it is no longer Yoga, and should not be presented as such. Teaching stretching in school and calling it "yoga" forces an impression onto the minds of our children that they may participate in this religious practice. It extends beyond the classroom.

    In summary, the stretching is fine. If it's been divorced from the spiritual practice, then stop calling it yoga, because that's the real problem.

  • The problem is when you politicize yoga.

    Yoga has been there since ages.But why has it sprung into debate all of a sudden because some people are using yoga or misusing yoga for selfish,political and communal ambitions.So as long as we don't mix the two its not a problem, but here it is not the case.Just because yoga is good for one it cannot be forced on others

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