• Schools should replace paper with technology

    We are cutting down to much trees and getingrid of more oxogen and we are losing trees so we cant live as long so we should switch to technology and According to The Reflective Educator, “a typical school uses about 2000 sheets of paper a day, or about 360,000 sheets in a school year.”

  • Computers Are Better

    People nowadays usually do tests on computers. But is it really better for them? It is a hard decision. Pencil and paper, or computers. People seem to not care. Computer, okay. Paper, sure. But what if this was an important test that this you have barely studied for, and you absolutely had to at least get higher than a 90%. What do they use? This is the reasoning. What way to test, works for humans? What way is more efficient. What do people need more of, pencils, or computers, and is there really any difference?

  • It saves trees

    It saves the trees cause without trees we don't have oxygen so if we use trees and get paper we are supporting the ones who take our trees cut them down and make paper causing us to lose oxygen and eventually die out with no one left on the world

  • It saves trees

    It saves the trees cause without trees we don't have oxygen so if we use trees and get paper we are supporting the ones who take our trees cut them down and make paper causing us to lose oxygen and eventually die out with no one left on the world

  • It saves trees

    It saves the trees cause without trees we don't have oxygen so if we use trees and get paper we are supporting the ones who take our trees cut them down and make paper causing us to lose oxygen and eventually die out with no one left on the world

  • Yes it helps

    According to Conservatree, one tree makes 8,333 sheets of typical 20 lb. Weight copy paper. If we assume one newsletter sent to one recipient would consume at least one sheet of paper (that’s being very conservative), one tree = 8,333 emails.20 million emails/day divided by 8,333 = 2,400 trees saved every day! Just by sending email instead of paper-based marketing materials.

  • Paper should not be used

    People should use computers instead of paper because when we get paper we are destroying trees, we also use 115 billion pieces of paper a day. When we use paper we are destroying trees, which destroys the nature. If we could decrease the usage of paper each year that would help the enviromnent

  • Paper doesn't have access to the Internet or World Wide Web.

    Paper is great, we have used it for thousands of years and it's served it's purpose. I've read a few calculations on cost posted above, but none of them had taken into account the amount of productivity generated by the use of computers. With information at a student's fingertips, think of how much time this saves over flipping through a book. Sure, some sources on the WWW are suspect, but so are many textbooks. Paper has become obsolete in the Information Age, it's time to get with the times.

  • Ayyyy donno why I'm here

    Positive point about using technology in the classroom is that if teachers see that children are not doing very well in Scholl he can send them work for out of school and if they are struggling then the teacher could give the pupil a skype lesson for outside school hours.

  • Students who have bad handwriting are at a major disadvantage writing on paper.

    In my school (I guess in every school) teachers have really troubled me for my bad handwriting. I have tried various styles and only one has looked good (still I do not get appreciated for that). Grades are given on the basis of that and no doubt I do not get good marks. It has also killed my interest in making notes. Using computers everyone is on the same level in terms of handwriting and students get judged on what they write instead of how they write.

  • Papers Are Recyclable

    While paper can be recycled and is a renewable resource, computers are made of fossil fuels that cannot be renewed, plus the energy they need is created by fossil fuels such as coal. Computers use more energy in using and making than paper plants ever will while making the paper . When they chop down a tree, they plant three to five more trees because only one is expected to survive, so they are thinking ahead. Plus, paper can be easily reused and recycled, so instead of sitting in a toxic landfill like broken computers, they can be made into more paper, lowering the amount of trees we need to chop down for paper. Also, broken computers can cost thousands of dollars to fix or replace, while paper can be put in a recycle bin and bought in a notebook for as low as ten cents in the right store, and college ruled lined notebook paper can be purchased in a two-hundred sheet pack for as low as fifty cents. You could by more than twenty-six thousand sheets of paper for the price of a $650 computer. Fourteen students could use ten pages per day for an entire year for the price of an average computer. Check my math by doing 26000 sheets of paper divided by 182 days per year. Schools and students will save a lot of money by using paper instead of computers.

  • Technology is unreliable

    What are students to do when the wifi goes down or the computer breaks? And what about students whose families cannot afford electronic, they begin to feel discriminated against. Paper is reliable and teaches kids to be responsible and to keep track of school work. It also teaches kids good organization skills.

  • Paper is bad.

    When you use paper, the trees are dying. That is why I believe we should use computer. Trees give us water and oxygen and also take in gas. They are the lifeline and we are killing them to make paper?!?!?!? >:( This is unaceptable. We need to use more computer or else we will die.

  • Why would somebody use paper and not tech?

    If you are saying that paper kills trees, computers need energy and to get that energy they burn greenhouse gasses to produce it. Those greenhouse gasses kill trees. That is a lot more effective than cutting down trees for paper. The greenhouse gasses also pollute the earth and cause global warming. Technology can be better for learning, but not for the environment.

  • Computers are good, but we shouldn't overuse them.

    Computers can be useful, but I think schools should use them less. Most of my assignments are online and that annoys me sometimes. My handwriting and spelling suck. I like how there is auto correct and that you don't have to write, but I never get time to practice my handwriting or spelling.

  • Maths and physics is better on a computer

    Handwriting wont improve and even spelling. Internet is unreliable and more of a responsibility. For example if I break or lose my computer i will a lot more worried than If I lose a book. I also find Maths and Physics much more easier on paper especially with square papaer

  • No, I believe schools shouldn't use computers instead of paper, at least not totally.

    In my school, an special group pf people use computers in class instead of paper. They are always getting distracted (I.E. Tumblr, Facebook, Skype) and are never on task. I don't believe it is their fault, if one has a piece of technology where one can have more fun than in class while one is in class, one naturally wants to use it. A perhaps better alternative would be to use paper when taking notes and such, while using computers for special projects, at least occasionally.

  • No, kids need to use their hands.

    Before kids use the computer, they should always be taught something on paper first. As an engineer, I see negative effects of newly graduated engineers due to the computer. When using the computer for everything, it takes away the critical thought process and visualization skills that are needed to be successful. I would guess that this applies at younger ages as well.

  • No, they shouldn't.

    No, I don't think that schools should use computers instead of paper. I think that it would be a negative thing for children to get attached to technology more than they already are. They shouldn't be reliant on it for everything, and by giving them computers in school instead of paper, this would happen.

  • Not Paper Altogether

    I think schools shouldn't start using computers and other things like that, but they should start saving paper more efficiently. Essays should always be back-sided and teachers should also start making sure students aren't skipping lines in their notebooks. Students also often remember things that they physically write down better than things that are done in other ways.

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