Should schools use metal detectors to help protect their pupils?

  • Yes YES! YES!

    I sit in school sometimes around other violent students thinking what if something like a school shooting happened?! Growing up in this generation we have seen so many tragic things go on it is crazy. We deserve to feel safe just like numerous people feel safe in an airport or courthouse. Students threaten to bring weapons to school all the time. There is always that what if. Violence is a big dilemma in our school and I think if we invested in metal detectors or a armed guard it would be good. If you look at the facts majority of the schools that have had school shootings did not have any security check point. At least if there was a metal detector and the intruder got by the guards they would have time too alert students and staff to get in a safe location. It is ridiculous the violent nature of people. I have been assigned a speech on this topic in school and it is very interesting to think about. Columbine had 1 armed guard during the massacre what would work better 1 guard or 3 working a metal detector?!

  • Of course!

    Some schools already have them installed, and they have proven to drastically reduce crime and violence at schools, from guns to pocket knifes. People don't realize that safety is more important than anything else. If Sandy Hook Elementary had metal detectors in place, this travesty would have been avoided. Since Columbine, there have been over 30 school shootings! I don't care if metal detectors can be an inconvenience, the safety of the children is what's at stake here. We need reform now, pass a law that requires ALL schools in the United States to have some form of detectors!

  • It works for Disneyland and other child theme parks...

    If it's done right, it could be a better alternative to insane, costly gun control laws.

    This risk could be inexpensively mitigated if we'd just post intelligent humans at every entrance during peek traffic, school hours and locked all entry doors and provided a single human monitor to check those locked entry points. Simple door open indicators could quickly identify a locked door that's been opened, point our off peak traffic monitor to the right location.

    If guns are not available to the general public, it only incentives these nut jobs more. In China, where they even have knife control, a whacko went into a school and killed a bunch of kids with a knife. Nut jobs will always find a way (cars, bombs, poison, etc), and letting them slowly take away our freedoms as citizen of the USA, is probably one of the most irresponsible traits we can teach our children.

    Regardless of what kind of controls are put in place there are always going to be nutty people that will find a way to do what they do. Our task is early identification, leading towards minimal casualties and, if possible, complete prevention.

  • better safe then sorry

    While these tragic events from yesterday in CT were going on I was at my children's school for Christmas lunch. People were just coming in and out walking the hall ways with nothing but a sign in table!! I realized how easy it is for people to roam the school. We need it everywhere!

  • Why not?

    There is no better way at this point than to check each person that enters the school. However, you must wonder if someone intent on carrying out a killing with guns, would just go through the detector and continue on their rampage. WHO is going to stop them? The thought is that the detector STOPS this type of person. You cannot say that. It only inidicates there is metal. A gunman would most likely go right through or find another entrance.

  • If it stops one incident.

    If installing metal detectors in all schools stops one shooting it would be worth it. It is a very sad day when you have to fear what could happen to your child when they are at school. I pray for all the families who have lost a loved one due to violence.

  • Obviously

    If Sandy Hook School would have had metal detectors, the shooter couldn't have taken firearms into the building. I know longer feel that any school is safe without a means to keep guns out. Metal detectors are the first step in providing a safe environment for our school children.

  • 12/14/2012

    After today's shooting, I think that metal detectors should be placed in schools. You're not supposed to bring weapons to school, so why not take the extra step in protecting students and admins? I'm not sure if schools all over the US are the same, but in Florida we have security guards that are looking for students who are coming into school late and making sure they go to the front office or looking out for students who are trying to skip, so why not put these security guards and/or "rent a cops" to be the ones who look after the metal detectors? Honestly, if you are not carrying any weapons, then you're not going to worry about passing through a metal detector, just like when you leave a store that has a security system. It is EASY to just walk into a school (as you can see) but if we have metal detectors at the main doors, less worry will happen. We all pay taxes for schools, let's protect our children, our friends' children, our family's children, our neighbors children, and the teachers/admins. Please. Prayers go out to all the families and God bless all our children in schools and for the future.

  • Metal detectors are a worthwhile investment for child safety.

    With more and more shootings happening on school grounds, this is one measure that would definitely be worthwhile. It would be worth the investment. Obviously, the measures currently in place are not working. No one with a gun should be able to have access to a school building. Period. They should not be able to get in!

  • Sandy Hook

    You could only hope this would have helped. Could this help another disturbed individual from killing an innocent men, women, and children? I believe it would! If anything, would it not at least give a school official a chance to get help? 20 5&6 year olds! Come on! Every precaution needs to be taken... Even if it seems insignificant.

  • No, schools should not use metal detectors to help protect their students, because there are far too many metal objects brought in and out of school, and it would just cost money and cause problems with little added protection.

    There are tons of ways a routine search by a metal detector could be circumvented and do little to provide extra security against the true threats. Anyone planning to really cause a problem will find a way to get around a metal detector, especially if the guards are put into a routine of scanning thousands of students every day. This, combined with the amount of time and money that would be wasted, makes the idea worthless.

    Posted by: H_Baird
  • Why do we need this?

    If we were to actually try to put metal detectors inside the school, the gun abusers would just simply throw the gun over the metal detector or shake it off as coins or a pencil tip. The perp could also just shoot the detector and turn it off. It would be extremely stupid to put metal detectors inside schools because evil has no bounds.

  • Send Our Kids to Prison?

    Metal detectors beep- they do not stop those who want to do harm to children. If a person has a strong desire to do harm, they will find a way. The children have to walk to the bus at some point, or exit the building to go home. Metal detectors at the entrance of the school will beep, provide a false sense of security, and give the appearance of walking into a prison rather than create a comfortable learning environment for children. A metal detector does not stop bullets from firing, nor does it prevent a gun toting madman from running through despite the beeping. Gun policies do not prevent guns from being misused, and making guns illegal will not prevent crime any more than making water illegal because it causes flooding would. Also, are people aware that one of the worst school murder/disasters in the 1920's was caused by poisonous gas? How about a bomb- would a metal detector prevent that? NO. If evil wants to find a way, it will.

    We need better parent involvement, counseling programs, and bully intervention, true. That and a good stranger infiltration plan will work, but incidents of this extreme are not a reason to escalate knee jerk reactions.

  • Sooo do you guys just not like, think behind the lines or what?

    First off, a metal detector is just one single tactic in a school safety program. There have been several major tragedies on school campuses of all grades that had metal detectors. Second off, the majority of the time in most districts MD's are not fiscally responsible. Start up costs are incredibly high, maintenance costs are frequent and expensive, and the trained staff to properly run them require a higher pay as well; Pay that could be going towards better teachers and faculty. Inner city schools and districts with a history of chronic weapons violations could weigh their problem with the price of the solution, but it is important to note that Metal Detectors alone, or any combination of safety programs for that matter, cannot "garauntee" a 100% safety rate. A lot of psychologists are trying to prove that the metal detectors make the students acquire an institutionalized state of mind, although I disagree from past experience. If a district saw metal detectors fit for their needs, they should run random handheld MD sweeps. Many schools do this for drug searches, so why not add a handheld detector to the equation? The handheld devices are a fraction of the cost, they are not stationary (which means one cannot devise a set plan for getting by them with weapons), and they do not require maintenance (other than periodic calibrations). Finally, the chances of every student making it to class on time is pretty low when they all have to get searched, compared to schools that do not have a stationary metal detector.

  • If people want to put metal detectors in school, ok. But I wouldn't.

    Even if the best security system was set up at every entrance of a school, a killer would be a killer either way. Somehow they would still find a way to kill. And students would feel even more unsafe, because they know that the school system does not believe the students are safe enough to go without a security system. And students would try to challenge the security, thinking who could get the most weapons in without being caught.

  • It's a school--not a prison.

    We live in a world we are paranoid about kids getting shot or stabbed in school, yet most people turn a blind eye if it's not part of their little bubble of a world that they have come to live in. Some could feel that schools are safe already, and they should be.

  • No they (metal detectors) shouldn't be allowed.

    Metal detectors shouldn't be allowed because they are time consuming and a waste of money. Students shouldn't have to be scanned every time they walk into school. Schools should be a safe place and not a jail. Putting a metal detector would be pointless because if someone wanted to shoot someone, they'd sneak it in.

  • It wouldn't change a thing!

    If a gunman really wanted to hurt people they will find a way in. Honestly do you think that the beeping would make him halt in his tracks? If you think that, then you must think guns kill people, spoons make you fat, and cars drive themselves. I am just a ninth grade student but I highly doubt the good a MD will do at ALL schools. Yes some might need them (inner city schools) but not schools where the most interesting thing that happened all year was Carl left Jessica. Use your brains people! That's why they're there. American schools need parents to start beating their child when they do something bad. Not just warn him/her. We need parents who aren't afraid to voice their opinions. We need to take back our safety. MDs are just a waste of money!

  • This metal detector fiasco does nothing but deter the non-determined pupils and illustrates how impractical the government's proposed plan to curb crime and other problems.

    As the others have pointed out, someone determined can and will find a way past these metal detectors and can cause harm. Yes one could say that this deters the wanna-be criminals and that deserves its own merits but we shouldn't be afraid of those types of individuals but rather the ones would are determined enough to find a way of harming the students within. Not only this the premise of providing metal detectors in schools illustrates how the government only likes to respond to symptoms of problems and not address the underlying issues that cause these symptoms; its all about creating an image of progress and that they are making results. Personally, I want to protect my children, but this is ridiculous; why not go all the way, why not strip search, why not do "random inspections". This plan is ridiculous simply because the plan is for schools; a place they have to go to 5 days a week; a place in which they are supposed to learn and not think that somebody could have sneaked a weapon in and could cause harm.

  • Schools should not use metal detectors because students who want to sneak in weapons will find a way to get past security measures.

    Students who really want to bring a weapon to school will find ways to cross the metal detector, including sneaking in through windows and unlocked back doors. The cost to purchase and maintain detectors, and time it takes to search students, takes away from valuable funding and instructional time.

    Posted by: WardGrad

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